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NFL apologizes for the blown call in Raiders loss

Jon Gruden has apologized to the fans after the loss of the final match in Oakland. NFL also went on to apologize to the Raiders for the blown call that led to the game loss. None will change what was a spectacular late match collapse by the Raiders provided an unpleasant finish to their 25-year run in Oakland before the next season to Las Vegas. The Raiders (6-8) did appear to be in a position to close out the game with a win when Derek Carr reserved the ball on an option and ran for the first down with 2:05 to play. With all that took place, the official then ruled him out of bounds, which forced the Raiders to then run another game before the two-minute cautionary and gave the Jaguars an extra 40 seconds for a game-winning drive in a 20-16 win.

NFL apologized for the blown call in Raiders loss

NFL and Jon Gruden

Gruden said he received an apology call from the NFL presiding chief Al Riveron, however, that was frustrating because nothing could be done at the time to correct the mistake after seeing that other calls this year get changed in New York.

Why don’t you stop the match and get the time right? I reckon it was not even close,” Gruden said. ”So, I’m not content about it. Apologies are good; however, this is 2020, we’ve been insufficient meetings and I’m sickened by it.”

To add to the frustration that was taking part was the fact that the Raiders received a delay of the match penalty in the misperception over the call, then they released a third-down pass, then missed a field goal and gave Gardner Minshew to then drive Jaguars down for the victory score. So, as an alternative to give fans in Oakland something to rejoice before Raiders leave the town, there was sadness only and anger at the end that boiled over into the catcalling of debris and Carr being thrown on the field.

”I know what these admirers have been through,” the lineman Clelin Ferrell said. ”I know what these followers have been through over the past years. They are not wrong for doing what they did. We had the match the whole time, but we couldn’t finish. That’s the main thing. How could you not be mad? So, we take full accountability for it.”

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