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Online Cricket Betting

cricketCricket is one of those sports you simply cannot hate. New Zealanders love sports, especially cricket. New Zealand is one nation that is known for being very dedicated to the sport. They probably owing mostly to the fact that cricket game is so unpredictable. games such as Cricket are very exciting, as there is no telling what could happen next. By nature, cricket betting is the definition of impulsive, as some of the games last for a few hours while others go on for days on end. Cricket in New Zealand is a very well-supported sport and makes the perfect platform for punters and bookmakers to meet on. online cricket betting is a phenomenon that has taken New Zealand by a huge storm. There are also live cricket score that you can bet on and get to enjoy NZ cricket right there and then. Also, those who love live cricket streaming are also catered for. We have provided a guideline for you to keep up with everything that is Cricket. Read on for more!

Best Cricket Betting Sites NZ

Bet on Cricket in New Zealand

Many people don’t know that there is more than one type of cricket match. However, it is important for punters to know all the possible differences. This help punters in making a decision about their cricket bet online. For example, a test match can last four to five days. Within this period, anything can take place, also with the leader board fluctuating at all times. So, when you know this in cricket betting, you will be able to make decisive decisions when placing bets online. Most NZ sports betting punters prefer placing bets on one-day matches. This is because they have a quicker turnaround time that yields instant results. There’s New Zealand national cricket team to bet on as well and women’s cricket world cup. With all that you can still get NZ cricket live score

A Brief History of Cricket

The cricket game history that dates back 500 years, and perhaps even further. It was not until the mid-18th century when the game took the form that it retains to this day, with the ball being pitched at a batsman. During the rise of the British Empire the game has spread to all corners of the world, planting the seeds which made it be the game it is today. The game is also seen as a great influence in the development of other sports like Aussie rules football and baseball.


What to Consider When Choosing a Cricket Betting Bookmaker

What you look for in a Cricket Betting Bookmaker depends on what type of bets you want to place. Those who know much but are interested in entering the world of cricket betting can only make basic bets.  Existing cricket bettors look for an online portal with betting’s on every possible aspect of the game. Some bookmakers offer a more extensive collection of cricket bets than others. Also, Most of the British located bookmakers offer a wide range of bets, while other countries where the game is not established offer only basic selections to bet upon. Choose to play at the best cricket betting sites Online gambling sites compete for player’s money generous sign-up bonus offers or even free bets. What you can do is to Shop around and see which bookmakers offer the most amount for joining, however, you have to note that you must check how bonuses can be used, and also if they generate any earnings, and also if they can be withdrawn.


Why You Should Bet on Cricket?

Like basketball and football, the chance to bet on the actions of a specific player means that betting on cricket can be very profitable. especially for cricket betting fans who keep up-to-date statistics of the player. Not only that, but with most leagues spreading across the world, and many global matches and test series, cricket enthusiasts struggle to find a time of year when they can’t place bets on their favourite sport.

What are the Types of Bet you can make?

Online bookmakers have prolonged the scope of cricket betting online NZ, since there was a time betting on cricket was limited. The key betting type is still the outcome of a precise series or match. However, punters are able to single out players to wager upon. For example, bettors can bet real cash on which batter will have the highest number of runs, or bet on who will be the best bowler judged by the number of wickets they demolish. Equally, they can also choose to bet on the player’s performance. Another kind of bet is the supreme betting, where players get to choose which batsmen will probably hit the supreme sixes or fours for the game. Also, they can predict the highest score in one inning.

Three Forms of Cricket

There are 3 types of Cricket that are being played today:

  1. Test Matches
  2. One Day Internationals
  3. Twenty20 games.

All of the three types of cricket are very popular in New Zealand, the recently-introduced Twenty20 games bring new life into watching, playing and cricket betting online. They are invented in India, and they are now being played in an Indian Premier League and their own World Cup.

In-Play Cricket Bets

Also known as Live Bets, they allow you to place your bets in real time, so you are able to respond to what happens with changes to your strategy. As you get to understand the game and the art of cricket gambling closely, it can be a much great way to recoup losses and multiple wins. New Zealanders prefer live cricket bets that include total test match session runs, player runs and the total team runs. Also, remember to gamble responsibly, it can be wagering on greyhound racing, horse racing betting, blackjack, basketball betting or even poker. Best online sportsbook offers online sports betting deposit bonus.  You can play at paddy powder, William hill, Betway, SkyBet and many more safe and secure sportsbooks in NZ

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