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New Zealand’s Best Greyhound Racing Bets Online

GreyhoundGreyhound racing is a well-known activity amongst horse enthusiasts and sports gamblers. The fast dog’s race around the track and bettors can place a number of different wagers. Greyhound racing still takes in a good number of wagers even though it is no longer as common as it used to be. Greyhound racing is taking place in most states across the globe, including New Zealand. To place a bet on greyhounds online, NZ players have a great number of sportsbooks to select from. has compiled a list of top-rated online sportsbooks in NZ to play at. Betting on greyhounds is as thrilling as horseracing. Betting on greyhound racing is thrilling and easy. To begin with, there is a maximum of eight greyhounds in a field henceforth your chances of winning are greater than they are than when staking on horses. Exotic bets such as trebles, doubles, trifectas, First 4 & Quaddie are mainly popular for greyhound bettors. Play sports betting sites that accept NZ gamblers.

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What you will find in this Guide:

The Greyhound Racing History

Greyhound racing finds its history in the sport of running. In coursing, different sighthounds would then chase a live hare. In essence, it is a game to test the shooting prowess of the dog. While current differences of coursing can be found in some state, the kind of racing that is common today is track racing. Track racing started its evolution in Britain and the US in the late 19th century going into the early 20th century.  Some used to keep  NZ greyhounds as pets. The dogs were put on circular or oval tracks, and they chase a bait toward the finish line. Irrespective of where dog racing has been found, greyhound racing has been sports betting favorite.



The Types of Greyhound Racing

There are two basic kinds of competition in greyhound racing. Most commonly, you can find track racing, however, there is coursing, which is where the origins of greyhound racing began. In the early coursing, the dogs would normally chase a game animal. For most contemporary coursing, the dogs chase a mechanical lure or a hare. Depending on where you are, the rules tend to vary and the number of dogs taking part in the chase might differ as well. In coursing, the idea is for the dogs to catch the hare. However, since things have changed, dogs are judged on factors such as the closeness with the next game and their aptitude to turn the game animal. Competitive coursing is unlawful in most countries, track racing is prevalent and legal in the UK, the US, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Greyhound Betting Guides

  1. Caulfield Cup
  2. Melbourne Cup
  3. Cox Plate
  4. Geelong Cup
  5. Breeders Cup
  6. Harness Racing

Greyhound Bets You Can Make

There are several types of bets that you can place for online greyhound race betting. If you are acquainted with horseracing and betting, then you will possibly recognize most of the options you have.

  • Win bets– a wager that is placed on a winning dog.
  • Place bets – choosing a dog to place a bet that it will finish in the top three spots.
  • Eachway – a bet with the same dog to win and place.
  • Trifecta – choosing the first three dogs to win first. However, you can still choose them for the dogs to win in any order.
  • Quinella – a bet to choose two dogs to finish first and second.
  • Exacta– similar to the quinella, in that you choose the first two dogs to finish, but with exact, you must pick the concluding order.
  • Duet– a bet to choose two dogs that will place in the race.
  • Trebles– this is where the bettor picks the winner in three straight races.

What Makes A Good Greyhound Racing Betting Site?

  1. There are several factors that you can look for in finding a good site for online greyhound gambling. Many top online gambling sites also offer support for greyhound racing events such as places as Daytona Beach Kennel Club and Gulf Park.
  2. What to look for in an online betting site for greyhounds is the wide selection of bookmaking options for the sport. After also if the site is easy to navigate. In addition, you need to check out the site’s customer support and if it has great banking options.
  3. Wagering at greyhound races should not be a hassle at all. Horse racing is also not too farfetched from racing greyhounds. New Zealanders enjoy racing dogs and also live racing. There are also lessons on how to bet on dog races. You can get a trainer to teach you how racetrack, handicapping and doping works. Who knows after you adopt a greyhound, you might be part of the winners?
  4. Even though there are some that think that greyhound racing is inhumane or borders on animal cruelty, there is a lot more to it than that. You can also win a jackpot while betting on a greyhound dog. The racecourse also plays a major role when you gamble.
  5. Bettors also need to choose a breeder that won’t be losing money. This is the same as poker rooms, Wimbledon, slot machine and the derby. Thoroughbred racing is also fun and entertaining.

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