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5 Professional Popular Sports Bettors You Need to Know

Fewer professions have now created more stars than sports. In fact, if there’s a group of people close to real-life superheroes, it’s the athletes that play for our favourite teams. Somewhere within the shadows, another profession that involves sports is becoming more fascinating every year: professional bettors.

These risk-takers have given up on their normal lives to roll the dice and see what comes up. Believe it or not, gambling can support a normal life, these people make it happen. Below is a list of 5 expert sports gamblers whose lives you need to know about.

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  1. Parlay Patz

His story dates back in 2015 when he joined an offshore sportsbook at the young age of 18. As his nickname suggests, he hit on a handful of incredible parlay bets. He was able to bring in $1 million dollars in payouts in only a couple of months as a result of the wins.

For Patz, he was at the top of the mountain when things turned downright weird in 2020. He was also charged for allegedly threatening the lives of athletes and their families and an FBI report stated that he had made upwards of 300 death threats to both pro and college athletes.

  1. Billy Walters

On a list of popular sports bettors, it would be very wrong to not mention the person who holds the title of “bet more cash successfully” than anyone in history. Upon knowing that, most people would likely think of a sharply-dressed man who likes the life of a high-roller. Billy Walters, despite the big amounts of cash that he wagered, was never about any of that.

  1. Haralabos Voulgaris

It was in the late 1990s that Voulgaris was considered the most successful NBA punter of all time. Though not as younger as Parlay Patz, he was 25 at the time when he started throwing around millions of dollars per day on NBA games.

  1. John Price

If there’s any name that sounds like a sports bettor, it may be John Price. Price, who had a wide background in the studies of mathematics and statistics, graduated NYU as a refined man.

He used his knowledge in numbers to develop a successful sports gambling career. While he has never revealed the methods, he’s used to winning over the years, he mentioned that 22 variables are contributing to determine what makes a good gambling option.

What sets him apart from other sports bettors in the industry is that he has taken a diehard approach to value sports betting, which frankly isn’t used enough with amateur gamblers today.

  1. Tony the Lizard

When it comes to the ideal life of a sports enthusiast, making millions via gambling and then buying a sports license sounds like a dream come true. Anthony Grant Bloom made it happen. Tony got his start in the world of cards, winning million in live tournaments. Then moved on to sports betting.

He mainly focused primarily on soccer and assembled a firm that focused only on making money gambling on sports. Due to the business’s strict non-disclosure contract, barely anything is known about it.


These sports gambler undoubtedly led the most interesting lives imaginable. Many laypersons wish to also someday join the ranks of these big-time gamblers. The reality is that it will probably ever happen, but you never know.

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