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4 Things to Do and Not Do for Betting on Golf

Golf betting is one of the most interesting sports worldwide. The sport is cost-prohibitive and few fans have access to getting out on the course. Gold is considered to be the hidden gem for sports gamblers that have never bought into the sport. If you take time to learn how to bet efficiently, you may be saying goodbye to Sunday golf naps. Most sports gamblers put their focus on a popular sport such as football or even basketball, but you can find lucrative occasions betting on golf. Here are some tips.

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  1. Do: Research on the Past Performance at a Specific Course

Unlike other sports, the playing conditions in golf differ wildly from tournament to tournament. Different courses reward dissimilar areas of skill for players.

  1. Don’t: Wager on Heavy Favourites to Win Outright

One of the most attractive things about golf for sports gamblers is that you can gamble in different ways. Golf is one of the most disreputably unreliable sports for people who try to go with the biggest favorites. Choosing one single person to win over a 4-day tournament is a difficult proposition. During the times of Tiger Woods, this may not apply, but today’s, not one player is dominant enough to defend betting on an outright win.

  1. Do: Experiment with Different Types of Plays

One of the exciting things about golf gambling is that there are numerous different types of bets to make. Options are also available for bettors with a high-risk tolerance and those who only prefer to play on the safe side.

  • Head to Head – Selecting one player to beat out an entire field of golfers is a challenge. Head to head bets are the best solutions!
  • Groups- If you want to take on a bit more risk but still give a good chance to win, try group matchup bookmaking. In this type of game, sportsbooks provide odds for groups of 4 to 8 players.
  • Live Betting – No sport is better suited for live gambling than golf. The “slower” pace of play means everyone, both gamblers, and the oddsmakers, have more time to sit back and to readjust during play without the rush.
  1. Don’t: Ignore the Weather

Check the weather before you make your bets. This only takes a few minutes; however, it could make the biggest difference. When rain and/or heavy winds begin to come into the picture, it acts as an equalizer for the field. This can make it riskier to put money on a heavy favorite, which is risky in the first place.


If you’ve never sat down and watched a golf match closely, well, you’re not alone. However, once you get to discover the exciting opportunities that it provides, you may get hooked. Start with major tournaments to see how you might like it, and take it from there.

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