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WWE Sports Betting

WWE BettingWWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, is a professional wrestling promotion that was founded by Toots Mondt and Jess McMahon in the early 1950s. Currently, WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world. The promotion puts on more than 500 events in a year and it regularly broadcasts to more than 36 million viewers in more than 150 countries. The matches are all staged and scripted with the winners determined before the show even takes place. The good news is that WWE Fans are now able to officially bet on the World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling matches.  Punters might ask, “how do we bet on staged matches?” Well, worry not because we will hold your hand and walk through this with you.  WWE Pro Wrestling is scripted, and winners are prearranged. Only a few selected people know about the outcome of these events, and they make sure that they keep the information safe. For this reason, numerous sportsbooks allow fans to wager on the outcomes of WWE major events. Play at the best sports betting NZ.

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Betting on WWE

Not every online sportsbook offers WWE betting to its clients. With that said, it might be a bit tricky to find a site that offers WWE wagering. So, stick with us, we got you. We list the best, most reliable and trustworthy betting sites in New Zealand. The sites that we recommend allow punters to bet on all sorts of events. Most of these sites also offer momentous bonuses to new punters.

Why You Should bet on WWE

  • Value – There is quite a bit of good value and money to be made in WWE betting. Most gambling sites limit the amount bettors can wager, so this also limits the amount of cash you can win. Online sportsbooks do this in case data happens to get leaked before the event. Sportsbooks spend a lot of money and time setting their lines properly for their big cash games because they stand to make a win or lose.
  • Fun – Sometimes, it feels like a tacky benefit to list, however, it’s the main reason why we should be betting in the first place.
  • Limited Risk – sportsbooks limit the quantity of action they are willing to take on the WWE. For bettors that are afraid that they will lose more than they have, the good news is that sport is capped. This means that players don’t lose more than what they can wager.

WWE Betting Strategy

All punters need to analyze the situation and make educated, correct predictions about the outcomes. Since the athletes are not really competing against one other, you don’t have to look at their skills as they really don’t matter when it comes to WWE. Put the focus on the history of the writing and apply them when making a bet.

Types of WWE Bets Offered

WWE bets are simple in nature. As it’s not a big money maker for sportsbooks, they offer straightforward bets. These are good for patrons or beginners that look for a simplistic experience. The most common wager offered is the straight bet, which is picking the winner of a tournament, match or season-long championship. Usually, you’ll see a long list of wrestlers, sometimes celebrities with associated odds of them winning. Recent WWE races had odds for Barrack Obama to win the tournament and he wasn’t scheduled to show up. Some sportsbooks also offer basic prop bets for punters to bet on.

  • The first-time winner prop bet pays if the winner of the event never won before.
  • Longest ring time bet – a bet on which wrestler will spend more time in the ring during an event.
  • First to appear to prop bet – allows you to wager on which wrestler will make an appearance on the show first.
  • Appearance wagers are prop bets that are centered around whether a certain individual will appear at the event.
  • Bout Outcome prop bets are bets where you bet on how the events will end.
  • Most Elimination prop bets are bets that are only offered during multi-person bouts, such as the Royal Rumble.

Popular WWE Events

The WWE broadcast three weekly shows throughout the year: SmackDown, Monday Night Raw and NXT. There are also “Pay-Per-View” events, which are more popular to bet on.

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw, also known as Raw, is a WWE professional wrestling program the airs live on Monday nights. Debuting in 1993, Raw is known as the flagship program and the brand of WWE.


WWE SmackDown usually referred to as SmackDown Live, is a WWE wrestling program that plays live on Tuesday nights. Debuting in 1999, SmackDown acts as a balancing program to the flagship Monday Night Raw.


WWE NXT also referred to as NXT, is the supporting brands for WWE serving as a developmental division. You can place your bets on Sky Bet and check out WWE Raw, WWE network and WWE news for more.

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