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Horse Racing Betting for New Zealanders

horse-racing-new-zealandHorse racing In New Zealand is one of the long-standing and popular betting sports. Most punters prefer to spend a day at the track and most fans don’t have time to place live horse wagers at the track itself. With online horse betting, punters are able to bet on any horse race anywhere worldwide using a mobile device, laptop or even a computer. Here at we have listed the best sportsbooks that New Zealanders can choose from and place their horse racing bets. Most Punters, part of what enticed them to online horse racing is being able to choose from a wide range of horse betting options. For beginner punters, gambling on a straight win is the easiest and safest ways to go. And experienced punters may bet on a number of horses and races concurrently. There are three types of horse bets in horse racing, straight bets, exotic bets, and multi bets.  Play at one of the best NZ online sports betting sites in New Zealand. Read our NZ horse racing guide here!

Best NZ Horse Racing Betting Sites

Bet Now
Up to $300

Leo Vegas Sportsbook
$200Free Bet
Spin Sports Sportsbook
100% Up to $100
MrGreen Sportsbook
Up to $100
22Bet Sportsbook
Up to $100

1xbet Sportsbook
$200 Bonus
Rizk Sportsbook
100% Up to $100
Guts Sportsbook
100% Up to $100
Intertops Sportsbook
100 Spins Up to $3000
Karamba Sportsbook
100% Up to $100
Royal Panda Sportsbook

In this Horse Racing guide you will find:

Horse Bets in New Zealand

Online horse racing betting generates a universal market that is worth millions. Horse racing betting is not only great fun but also easy to take part in, as modern software’s are more efficient.  Most punters have access to the mobile device, and any punter with a tablet, computer or smartphone can now enjoy betting on horse races from the comfort of his own home. With the simplicity of online betting, horse betting has succeeded and full-grown into a vast industry. On top that, winnings are often so big that punters invest in a bet, even with high stakes. There are different horse bets to make on horse racing. Of all the available bets, the favorites are the place, win and every way. These interpret to a top three finish, a first-place spot, and one of the two respectively. The online horse betting punter must remember that predicting a winner in horse racing is not only a matter of luck.

Understand the History of Horseracing

Horse racing is the most ancient sports across the globe, and its smear can be found on a number of ancient cultures. From Western Europe to the farthest reaches of East Asia. Different types of horse racing played a significant role in every society. More professional styles of horse racing might have developed in the modern era; however, they trace their origins to the past centuries. With thoroughbred racing, their history goes back to cavaliers returning from the Crusades. As they came back the faster Arabian horses and raised them with their natural horses, they advanced a breed with superior speed and stamina. The sport of thoroughbred racing became more of a professionalized affair in the early 18th century, and the English came with them and expanded a worldwide empire. Now, there’s thoroughbred horse racing across the globe, making it the most well-known sports betting opportunities in any state where it exists and even more popular than greyhound race betting.


Types of Horse Racing in New Zealand

In New Zealand, you have a variety of different types of horseracing. Among the common forms, there are Group races, Maiden races, Listed races, and Handicap races.

  • The Group races are at the top tier of New Zealand horseracing. At the top, there are Group 1 horses, which are the championship level of horse racing. then, there is Group 2 for the horses that are below the championship level and there is Group 3 for horses that are underneath Group 2.
  • With listed races, there are horses that are not of the Groups standard. A Group horse that achieves poorly might drop down to a listed horse, and the races are used to identify the top performers suitable for a Group cataloging.
  • The Maiden horse races are horses that have not won a race. A racehorse may remain a maiden for its whole career and still be earning good prize cash for its owner.
  • A handicap race is when a horse carries a different amount of weight depending on their earlier performance.

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Which Bets Can You Place Online?

When it comes to online betting for horseracing, there are different types of bets to place. The following are some of the available options for NZ Bettors.

Win, place, each way

A stake to win is a wager to select the winner of the race, and a wager to place is a stake that the horse will finish in the top three spots. When you put a win and a place bet on one horse, we call it each way.


This is a bet to choose the winning horse to two distinct races at the same tournament.


This is a wager to choose which horses finish at the first spot and the second spot.


This is a wager to choose the victor of three different races on the same occasion.


A trifecta chooses the horses that finish in the top 3, in the authentic order.


A first4 is alike to a trifecta, but the gambler must choose the first four horses to finish in the precise order.


In four chosen races, the gambler must choose the winner of every race.

All Up Poker

With All Up Poker and bets are placed on numerous races and the bonuses of a win are invested in the following races.

Percentage Betting

The bettor picks an amount that they want to wager on numerous combinations and percentages are then worked out to spread the wager out among the dissimilar picks.

What constitutes a good horseracing betting site?

In choosing an online horseracing sportsbook site that we recommend, we study several factors. Bettors want to play at a site that performs well from a practical standpoint. Also, a site that offers a wide number of gambling opportunities for horseracing, good banking options, and good customer support.

How to Choose A Horse Racing Betting Online Site? provides a guideline on How to Choose A Horse Racing Betting Online Site. Take a look below

  1. Best Value Betting Odds
    • When you choose a horse racing betting site make sure that you choose a site that offers the best odds on the horse you want to back. Also, check out special offers such as
    • Extra Places – this offers to payout on extra places in designated races.
    • Match Bets – instead of backing a horse to win you can wager on the horse to finish ahead of one specific horse.
    • Moneyback – bookies have offers that refund the stake you placed, as a free wager of the same value, should something happen to your horse, such as falling the first fence.
    • Best Odds Guaranteed – this offer means that the bookmaker guarantees to give you the highest odds on a specific bet.
  2. Types of Bets
    • Not all horse racing sites offer the same bets, so it’s significant to choose the right site for the wager you want to place. wish to place.
  3. Wager to Watch
    • A general feature on horse racing sportsbooks now is an option to watch a horse race live or listen to the live comments.
  4. Data Safety
    • Stick to trustworthy sites, and check any information you’re sharing will be encoded. Making deposits should be supple, to suit you.
  5. Welcome Bonuses
    • When you choose a horse racing sportsbook site for the first time, there is always a sign-up bonus.
  6. Membership Benefits
    • After having signed up to a horse racing gambling site, there is the option to sign up to a higher level of membership with the bookmaker.
  7. Horse Racing Ambassadors
    • Top rated bookmakers sponsor top horse racing personalities, like a jockey or a trainer to be their Ambassadors. Betting sites also help to create awareness about the brand.

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