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Best AFL Online Betting Sites 2022

afl-online-bettingAustralian football betting (AFL) is one of the most popular sports for New Zealand punters. AFL is not only a thrilling game to watch, but an exciting one to participate in. Since it started in 1859, its admiration has been on a steady rise, and the extensive following that it now relishes is undisputable.

AFL betting promises punters a very good time and some very stimulating AFL football betting selections. AFL gambling can be done in different ways, with a lot of attractive options for punters in NZ.  There are Basic bets that are simple for punters to make, and every team offers different odds. Make sure you choose the best sportsbook to do your online betting.

The key to understanding what is happening in the AFL field is to be aware of concepts. The in-depth facts of the sport are always apparent to only skilled viewers and players, however, when you know the basics, you successfully engage other locals. Check out our guide below to get the feel of what Aussie football is all about. Place your bets at online gambling in New Zealand today.

In this AFL Guide You Will Find:

Top Australian Football Betting Sites in NZ

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Royal Panda Sportsbook

Australian Football League history

AFL has come a long way, and its origins go from as far as the year 1896. This was when a group of football teams separated from the Victorian Football Association and formed the Victorian Football League. The team that had separated from the VFA then went on to write and form the rules for Australian Football League that we know today. The two leagues were competing for many years, eventually, the VFL won out, and went on to become the AFL. While there were dissimilar leagues in Australia, also the American version of football, the VFL was dominant in the country. Also, its influence grew, it absorbed leagues and teams from further regions. It then became the VFL a national football league. In 1990, the VFL formally changed its name to the Australian Football League.

The Big AFL Matches

Whether you enjoy football as a spectator sport or the action of real money gambling, there are many games that you find. The 23 rounds of the premiership season offer a ton of chances for gambling and getting your fill of football. However, some matches and events take on a specific significance. you can bet on sports at anytime you want and receive your payout in time as long as you play at a reliable online sportsbook. Live betting is also interesting and you can also learn how to bet. Themed matches of the competition round are popular among AFL admirers. Beyond that, you also have action on special games such as the Dreamtime at the G, the ANZAC Day match, and the Queen’s Birthday match. When the season has come to an end, the excitement of the finals will definitely kick in. Four weeks of the best teams playing for the spot in the Grand Final. This is one of the greatest anticipating times of the year.


Which Bets Can You Place Online?

  • Among Australian and New Zealand fans, the AFL offers tons of entertainment. Most enthusiasts take their chances and place bets on the matches to bring entertainment to the next level. AFL fans have several different choices for gambling on the games.
  • Common choices for betting on AFL games are the standard wagers on which team will victor. In this, you may have two choices for betting. You can gamble on the odds, based on which squad is favored to win, or also, you can wager on the spread.
  • With a wager on the spread, one team gets favored by several points. the team that is favored by the points, must exceed the spread to win. If the team gets the points, then they should win or should they lose.

    What Makes A Good AFL Bookmaking Site?

    The AFL is one of the popular leagues in sports, there are various sports betting sites that offer online real money betting. However, not all of these sites are the same. So, there are a variety of factors you will have to consider when you look for an AFL gambling site online. Firstly, check the betting options and the betting experience they offer. A good AFL betting site offers an awesome betting experience for the bettor. Also, make sure that the bookmaker site has the best customer service and flexible banking options that allow you to be using your preferred currency.

    Overall, with a lot of options available to choose from, it can be a bit hard for NZ bettors to find the best betting sites for AFL. However, that should not be in a list of your worries. Kiwibetting has got you covered with the best-rated sites NZ gamblers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions On AFL

    Can AFL memberships be transferred?

    AFL Membership is non-transferable, the name of the individual printed on the membership card is permitted to use the membership benefits. Read on some betting tips to enhance your skills as well.

    How much are AFL tickets?

    There is a family ticket which will cost about $50, then general admission for an adult is $25, and the children $5. Remember to gamble responsibly as online gambling can be very addictive.

    What AFL games can one bet on?

    You can bet on any AFL match. Also, we advise that you use the free bets that you get when you sign up. Take advantage of the betting odds. When you stake on a match or player such as Djokovic, Del Rey or Sevilla make sure to check out the bonuses, wagering requirements, and your winnings as well.

    Can one watch AFL Games online?

    Yes, you can watch them online with a compatible device. Moreover, there are some of the sports that you can place your bets on such as roulette, tennis, poker, NHL betting g and to name a few.