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MMA Betting Guide

MMA-BettingWe’ve compiled a guide to betting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), also we included a list of the leading NZ sportsbooks that cover the MMA market, welcome bonuses for when you sign up. Moreover, we have included expert betting tips for all the leading fights and a guide on what you should consider when betting on MMA fights. Read on for more on MMA! MMA betting is one of the best ways of adding an additional layer of entertainment to what most punters describe as a chess game with muscles. This sport combines a number of enthusiastically different fighting methods, numerous types of bodily prowess, and also unbelievable technical skills to offer spectators an unpredictable entertainment. And also, to give punters competitive MMA betting odds

Leading NZ Sportsbook Sites

Betting on MMA New Zealand

MMA betting has become popular as staking on boxing and with a lesser pool of fighters to keep track of and events happening every weekend. MMA betting is easier to get into, as long as you know the basics such as how to bet, and where to wager. Betting on MMA is often referred to as a “Three-way Money Line.” Odds are released on each of the three possible outcomes for a match: Fighter A wins, Fighter B wins, or a Draw. Draws are rare in MMA, so betting is focused on choosing winners, and some sportsbooks do not offer the Draw option. if a Draw occurs, the bookie will refund the bet or “push” the bet.

The Biggest MMA Arena Global

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), is MMA’s main arena, and there are numerous sessions that are taking place monthly which MMA gambling sites provide markets for. The UFC has managed to gather a significant following over the years, and, despite a slow start as an outlying event, it finally managed to find mainstream appeal.  The show gathered thousands of enthusiasts together, and this resulted in events now being put on internationally.

What are the Setting for the UFC Fights?

When you look at the MMA betting odds, it will pay off to know and understand the odds and the fights.  The fights take place inside a cage that has 8 sides. The fights last for 3 or 5 rounds of 5 minutes; making the MMA gambling sites happy to provide UFC wagers that have punters trying to guess how long the match will last for. There are 8 weight divisions, ranging from flyweight to heavyweight, and matches can be won in a number of different ways: judges’ decision, knockout, submission, and also the technical knockout. The MMA betting odds vary depending on which you choose. knowing your fighter’s history is important.

A similarity to Boxing Gambling

You might have already picked up the similarities. Mixed Martial Arts certainly lives up to its names. It has a range for fighting styles displayed in the ring, and these score up against one another otherwise.

MMA Betting Online Tips

Check out some of the best tips that we have compiled for you here:

  1. You don’t have to always wager on the winner. Also, don’t waste money on negative odds. Check out reasonable prob bets.
  2. Take note on the ways that every fighter can win to be able to increase your value.
  3. most fights are won with vitality than strategy. The line between victory and defeat is so small in MMA and it’s very hard to fight flawlessly for 15 minutes.
  4. Who does the UFC want to victor? If the UFC has a conferred interest in a fighter.


Top MMA Tours to Bet On

  1. UFC– The biggest MMA organization worldwide with every fight being qualified for MMA betting.
  2. Bellator– The second main MMA organization globally. Has loads of elite fighters and big designations and every main card has MMA staking options.
  3. Rizin – A Japanese group is seen as the mystical successor to Pride FC.
  4. ONE Championship– The MMA front-runner in Southeast Asia, recently made a number of high-profile attainments and it looks to become a worldwide player in MMA.
  5. PFL– The Expert Fighter’s League launched in 2018 with $1M prize contests to crown their winners.
  6. KSW – The best MMA group in Poland, KSW has surpassed their local roots on the basis of strong spectator experience.
  7. Invicta– An all-female association that is mainly a feeder league to the UFC.

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