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Tennis Betting in New Zealand

Tennis bettingWith plenty of fast-paced entertainment, tennis is appropriate for the joyful sports fanatics NZ. This covers punters as well, and tennis betting has been one of the country’s best pastimes. Tennis is a sport that connects people, no matter what their knowledge level of the game is. The game is fast paced and high energy, which makes it the kind of game that snubs tournaments and many games. This has led to online tennis betting, a pastime that sees punters from New Zealand beam with pleasure. Get live tennis scores as you place your wagers. Tennis NZ is very popular as well as the US open tennis, Australian open tennis and more. Tennis is a sport that is played around the world, and it is becoming progressively popular with admirers looking to get into betting. The sport ranks behind football and horse racing with regards to money generated for bookmakers, and there is a good reason that more and more enthusiasts want their piece of the action: it’s a fascinating game that offers a wide array of betting markets, and tournaments take place through the year. Enjoy gambling at online sports betting accepting NZ players.

Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis Betting Online in New Zealand

Tennis has a great deal of betting action for Kiwi players due to their closeness to Australia. Also, mainly due to their yearly events, like the Australian Open which takes place in Melbourne. The spectators of the sport are welcomed to place their bets by all online betting sportsbooks. Additionally, they are also allowed to bet ‘in-play’ during a game. The internet has opened so much for bettors and now everyone can access a wider range of sportsbooks and gambling options than before. has got your back with the best sportsbooks online to choose from. We also reviewed the best online sportsbooks in New Zealand, making sure that players play at the best safe and secure sites.

What are the Possible Tennis Bets Online?

Tennis games are influenced by player fitness, weather conditions, court, and precise opponents. What you can do is to make sure you know as much as you can about the players’ history and statistics. Also, you need to keep your ears open for consistent tennis betting tips. When you are armed with all of this data, then you can visit our featured sportsbook sites and choose from the tennis bets listed below:

  • Outright Tennis Wagers– are simple and only require you to predict the event finalists or winners.
  • With Set Bets– you stipulate the winners and the scores of sets in a match.
  • Match Tennis Bets – also work in the same way. For both of these bets, you’ll focus on smaller exact events – sets than matches, and also matches than a tourney individually.

Live betting options are more of an adrenaline boost. They allow you to place bets in response to the action as it takes place. Most New Zealand sites featured at offer interesting twists on a number of tennis games. You can wager on who will lose than who will win. When you place money on any of the Grand Slams, it’s imperative to pay close attention to the whole event and also to everything that comes before. Player history and forerunner games are helpful.


What you Should Consider When Picking A Tennis Betting Site

Tennis is the definitive face-to-face showdown, and the aggressively fought games are an alluring prospect for gamblers. With millions of enthusiasts around the world and plenty of players attaining household name status, tennis is super awesome to gamble on all year. The season lasts from January to November.

  • Events: The biggest and most well-known yearly events are the four Grand Slam tournaments: Australian Open, US Open, Roland Garros (French Open), and Wimbledon. These tournaments are covered by all good online sports betting sites. These respected tournaments entice the sport’s biggest names.
  • Markets: the handicap bet is a popular market. It enables punters to boost their profits with each player bestowed a handicap which affects their total. This is a great way to increase your winnings or to win a wager with an outsider even if they drop the game.
  • Value: new punters may wish to stick with gambling sites that offer the best odds on the bigger tournaments and matches. However, punters with extensive experience might want to look around for the best range of better odds given on the larger ITF marketplace. It is also advisable to look for bonuses and loyalty schemes, accumulators, and in-play betting.

How to Bet on Tennis- Step-By-Step

  1. Make a budget and set the maximum, then stick to it.
  2. Decide which highest bet you can afford within your budget.
  3. Check for betting categories.
  4. Use trustworthy online sports betting guide.
  5. Find a trustworthy online bookmaker to suit your set budget.
  6. The select a tennis open.
  7. Place your bet on games or tournament winners in NZD.

Major Tournaments for Tennis Betting

There are numerous tennis tournaments that are running, so, we suggest you check your bookmaker for matches. Popularly observed tennis tournaments include:

  • Roland- Garros – French Open
  • Wimbledon – United Kingdom
  • US Open
  • Australian Open

Mobile Tennis Betting in NZ

Tennis is a fast-paced and exciting game to watch. It is even more thrilling to bet on. The game has been a favorite at brick and mortar bookmakers in New Zealand. Ever since the first introduction of online betting, tennis has proven just as popular in the online arena as well. Now, with the technology being advanced, mobile selections offer convenience and flexibility. Online tennis betting is growing every day, and it offers players much more. You can enjoy betting on a championship, or there are other sports you can also enjo0y betting on them such as football betting, horse racing, ncaaf, champions league, grand slam and to name a few. More c games may include casino games such as roulette and poker. Place your best bet online today at the best bookie. You are also allowed to free bet and to make a deposit at your online sportsbook. Make sure you know and understand the wagering requirements and match betting. Bettors can also bet tennis on fantasy sports betting sites. Get your sign up bonus today and start sportsbetting.

10 Rules of Tennis Betting

Tennis offers additional variables and added markets than any other sport, but if one wants to maximize their profits and minimize their perils, they should implement a tennis betting approach based on a grouping of scientific theory plus the good old-fashioned discipline.

  1. Bet When There Is Value Only – It is paramount that you only wager when there is value. Any tennis gambling strategy should prepare you with the aptitude to identify tennis value bets.
  2. Specialize – With the number of tennis games being played through the year on both the women’s and men’s circuit, it’s best that you pay much focus on what you know best and specialise.
  3. Have Accounts with Numerous Bookmakers – a single bookmaker is going to limit your chances in the long run. However, we are not saying that you should open accounts with thousands of sportsbooks. That is considered excessive. However, one or two will do.
  4. Keep Records – Betting on tennis includes identifying value and sound cash management. An outstanding way to maintain discipline in both respects is to keep a record of every tennis bet you make. This record must include the date, bet type, tournament, bookmaker, Odds, profit/loss, your stake, and comments.
  5. Look for The Suspicious Seed- Factually the pre-tournament favorites incline to come good in Grand Slam tournaments both in the men’s and women’s events. If you want to back the favorites, do so when it’s still early and when the odds are still reasonable.
  6. Understand Returning and Serving – The most popular kinds of tennis betting are in-play gambling, where a bettor can bet upon a game-by-game while watching the action on live streaming. The serve in tennis is much similar to a tee-shot in golf, a free kick or penalty in football or even a place kicks in rugby; it is the only time in the game when the instant outcome is in the hands of an individual.
  7. Be Aware of Playing Styles – It is best for punters to make sure that they know much about the players, how they play, the type of the surface they are good at and all the records they make. This will help bettors to know when and how to place bets online for that specific player.
  8. Head-to-Head Matchups – check out the head-to-head between the players you intend to back and also their opponent.
  9. Assess the Surfaces – When gambling on a player, take into account the surface on which the game is being played on and also how good their record is on it. Best players like Federer, Djokovic and Nadal can win on any surface, clay, hard or grass. Andy Murray had the tools to game well on clay. In the women’s game, players such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki and Garbine Muguruza can play and win on any surface.
  10. Follow Tennis Betting Tips – A great way of supplementing your tennis gambling returns is to identify a tennis advisor that specializes in an area or bookmaking market that you do not. This could help with your bankroll.

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