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Online Sports Betting NZ |Best New Zealand Betting Sites is your #1 online gambling guide to New Zealand sports betting sites. We review the top-recommended mobile and computer sports betting sites online for NZ bettors. Furthermore, we bring you the best sports betting NZ bonus offers you will ever come across at NZ online sportsbooks. To begin with, your New Zealand online sports gambling experience will be amplified with up to $501 NZD bonus from our featured Kiwi bookies to place your first sports bet in NZ. With the monopoly over gambling sites and the tax-free winnings, it is easy to see why Kiwi bettors are thrilled to place their bets on their preferred teams. Enjoy gambling at the Best New Zealand internet betting sites with Credible sportsbooks reviews. Play at the Cream of every crop sites in New Zealand Today. Betting on Online sports betting sites in NZ is recorded as one of the first methods of betting to reach on the internet. Every market covers a wealth of exclusive wagering types to consider! Each New Zealand sports betting site we review must have loads of bonuses of dissimilar types and styles, must allow Mobile betting options for Android and iPhone devices. Further, it should have in-Play & live-action NZ sports betting opportunities. Play at most common online gambling sites.

In this guide, you will find the following

Top New Zealand’s Sports Betting Sites for September

7 Kiwi Sports betting Sites 2019

Online Sports Betting NZ

We’ve gone through a wide-ranging list of the best real money New Zealand sports betting sites, and we have rated them based on fairness, customer service, payout. We only feature the best online betting NZ sites where you get the chance to earn real money. Enjoying betting online and receive perks such as convenience, betting on numerous on the Internet sports games across the globe, bets that are available during games and access to mobile and tablet betting. Enjoy best sports betting sites for real money. Read on to see how you can start placing bets today at most popular desktop betting sites!

There are few sports that have taken off in New Zealand’s betting books.

Horse racing – one of the most popular sports enjoyed by NZ bettors, the main betting pastime in most Kiwi households, horse races like New Zealand Cup draw huge support both cyber sites and on the ground.

Cricket – also the most popular sport that reverberates with most New Zealand bettors, cricket played a key role in the cultural history of sports in NZ and attracts enormous support from its flourishing desktop gambling spectators.

Tennis – draws its most popular influence from their neighbors in Australia, with one of the main events of the year hosted down the way in Melbourne. Tennis is a viewer sport that is welcomed by reputable top-notch gambling sites with the ability to place ‘in-play’ wagers being the main draw for NZ spectators.

Football – Aussie Rules Football attracts a crowd of keen sports enthusiasts and online gamblers. These sports can be punters by both high rollers and low rollers at New Zealand online gambling sites.

How we choose our NZ Betting Sites

The truth is that like any other business or bookmakers they are there to make money. So, here at Kiwi Betting we make it our full job to research and list only the most trusted sportsbook brands for New Zealanders. There are various factors that we look for when we select bookmakers with the highest ethics in the gambling industry:

  • Excellent reputation for fair gameplay when it comes to gambling margins.
  • Dealing punctually and fairly with any queries or complaints.
  • Gambling bonuses with slight ‘rollover’ restrictions.
  • Covered by an authority with strong licensing and regulations rules.
  • Quick and dependable customer service available through email, live chat and also via telephone (24/7 wherever possible).
  • Fast, secure and diverse deposit and withdrawal methods.
  • Superb sign-up Bonuses – always read and comprehend the terms & conditions!
  • Continuing offers and promos that reward prevailing customer loyalty
  • Features like live in-play betting, live streaming, mobile access, cash-out options.
  • Great selection of sports betting and markets to bet on.

Top 10 Online Sports Betting Sites NZ

  1. LeoVegas
  2. SpinSports
  3. 22Bet
  4. 10Bet
  5. Rizk
  6. Guts
  7. Intertops
  8. Karamba
  9. Royal Panda
  10. William Hill

Sports Betting Regulations in New Zealand

New Zealand Sports betting online is legal and having to do it online opens up opportunities and additional sports to bet on. New Zealand legalized bookmaking in 1920. Residents could only wager on the top horse races at the game and on the course itself. Come 1961, the Totalizator Agency Board was launched, and it made it possible for New Zealand Patrons to place bets on sporting events that are outside of the event itself. There are also Brick and mortar betting sites that punters can enjoy gambling at in NZ.

The New Zealand Racing Board comprises of all of the best sporting events, greyhound racing, and online horseracing. It also regulates bets that are placed on international sports games such as football or the NBA. The board was launched in 2003 under the Racing Act to promote NZ racing and grow the industry’s profits. Racing and sports betting are huge industry In New Zealand, with some of the best opportunities. Kiwi sports betting industry makes nearly $1.5 Billion in revenue every year and provides more than 18,000 full-time jobs. Play on the web and place the most profitable revenues.

Gambling in New Zealand

Thanks to the strict regulation in place, Kiwi online Patrons are the safest with transaction security and gambling at reliable gambling sites across the globe. This also does not affect the variety of sports and leagues that they can bet NZD on. However, it does give a degree of peace of mind knowing they won’t be taken for a ride. Additionally, the government-licensed Totalizator Agency Board has a number of various offshore sportsbooks accepting New Zealand-based gamers. When you choose where to bet some NZD, gamblers have several trustworthy sports betting New Zealand sites to choose from. keep an eye out for the rest of sportsbooks functions, like withdrawal methods and times, iPad and Android accessibility of the sites, also the customer service.

Top Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

Once you have decided to take your sports betting knowledge online, the next step is to place your wagers. However, take note of these tips and tricks that are topping the list:

  1. Understand the Basics – it is best to do some reading about the horse or any other game you want to place your bet for. Get to know more about it and understand what it is all about before risking your money.
  2. Set a budget and stick to it – budgeting is key to keep your desktop sports betting experience an awesome one. Make proper withdrawals and make sure depositing is easy. Take care of your bankroll when you bet on foot or any other sports betting. Even with free sports you still need to take care when you are on any gambling site.
  3. Research before betting – do some background check before going in deep. A bit of knowledge will take you a long way when making a decision. You can bet live on snooker, football season or on any other sporting event. There are the biggest gambling websites available to kiwi punters today. Research for the biggest operators in New Zealand and start gambling online.
  4. Compare Odds and Lines – sign-up with different sites to make sure you get the best deal on your bet. Get the Most up to date odds.
  5. Place discerning bets – well-placed bets will give you better luck than a multitude of bets with little research done. Punters can find the Best New Zealand sites to experience great gambling.
  6. Make use of bonuses and promotions – with cashback offers, welcome bonuses, enhanced odds available to sweeten your bet, be sure to explore what promotions and bonuses. Get the most gaming experience at the biggest gambling websites.

Top Mobile Sports Betting

While New Zealand gambling online may be seen as a convenient way to place bets in 2019, there is one competitor that delivers the quickest and easiest way to place bets. When you want to enjoy the excitements that come with real money sports betting online at New Zealand gambling sites, you will be thrilled to know that they support platforms for mobile devices. One of the popular apps is the one that is offered by Bet365 and also designed for Android phones. providing great user experience with diverse offers. Also, get to learn how to bet on legal sports betting, how to place a bet, how to choose a top online sports book or how to get a free bet at desktop gambling in New Zealand. There are numerous Best online gambling operators in NZ that players can choose from.

Sports Betting Markets for Kiwi Punters

Betting markets are a list of each and every outcome you can wager on in an event. Betting markets generally include a minimum of the event victor, handicap markets and winning margin, plus the accumulator options. Although every desktop betting hub has its own range of specialist markets. Bet online on legalized sports gambling sites. As a gambler, bet on sports books and also watch your bankroll while at it. There are different sports such as the English premier, horse racing betting and more free spots that you can place your bets on and with a jackpot. Sports betting is massive and every New Zealand bettor want to take part in the internet gambling and gambling online. We have the Best NZ sports betting Sites for Kiwi’s Vetted and Reviewed by our Experts. Read more about markets here!

 Kiwi Sports Betting Odds

  • Proposition (Prop Bets): bets made on the exact result of a game in New Zealand or globally.
  • Straight Bets: bets made against the line, a number that bookmakers list that handicaps one team and chooses the other. The favored team is the one the bookmaker feels is likely to win.
  • 2nd Half or Half-time Bets: a bet that is placed during halftime. You can get cash out or get paid for making the best bet. you can also bet online on football league, hockey betting, tennis betting half times.
  • Totalizators: also known as flexible-rate bets, the odds change in real-time based on the wagers being made, plus the return percentage of the bookmaker.
  • If Bets: two or more straight wagers linked by an “if clause.” Every wager must comply with its “if clause,”
  • Teasers: Teasers let you combine your wagers on numerous games.
  • Head-to-Head: This type of wager lets you bet on precise players or racers in contradiction of each other, instead of the overall outcome.
  • Future Wagers: These are long-term wagers, made weeks or months before. often made on championship tournaments when the season is about to start.
  • In-Play Betting: This is available on the top sports betting sites, it allows you to place new wagers in real-time while the game is taking place.
  • Puck Line, Run Line, and Goal Line Bets: bets for hockey, baseball or football with the fixed-point spread and a high payout for the favored team.
  • Progressive Parlays: These have somewhat greater payouts than normal Parlays. The benefit is that you get a reduced payout even if you lose your bets.
  • Parlays: involves up to 12 separate wagers in NZ and have high payouts. You have to win all the wagers in order to payout.

Best Sports Betting Sites New Zealand

New Zealand sports betting is more than just taking all the top sports event and providing odds at your fingertips. It’s about discovering creative customs to increase profit and enjoyment from the greatest, most thrilling events around the world. Enjoy New Zealand online gambling sites with the best odds and tips for kiwi punters. Most top-rated New Zealand companies allow bettors to bet on events on their tablet and mobile, as well as on a desktop.

Choose sportsbook to bet on your favourite sport. There are great and fun games that NZ punters enjoy most such as football betting, golf betting, NHL betting, basketball betting, and baseball betting. There are also free bets that you can get and bet on. Play at the best sports betting kiwi, or listed online sportsbook and make sure you understand what are betting lines. There are also daily fantasy sports you can have fun on and most popular internet games.

More Sports Betting Games

Sports Betting FAQ’s

As a bettor, you should know which bookie or racebook you want to bet at for your gaming such as NBA betting or an online casino. Here are more frequently asked questions about sports betting online:

Is Online Betting Safe?

Online betting is very safe and we give thanks to a wealth of laws and regulations. We also thank third-party watchdog organizations that are fully dedicated to safeguarding the safety of each and every online punter. Moreover, advanced technology is used to protect each and every online financial transaction.

Are sports betting online legal in New Zealand?

Yes, it is. TAB operates within New Zealand and bettors can also find other sites that offer sports betting markets from other countries online. There are Ncaa, Mlb, Parlay, blackjack, Ncaaf, roulette, Ncaab, and Farmers insurance open along with championship game to BetOnline.

Is online horse racing legal in NZ?

Yes, it is. It also falls under the same sports betting rules and regulations. bettors can also use bitcoin to bet spots and even on casino games, premiership and live casino. There is great internet based best websites to gamble at.

Which sports betting site accept sports bets from New Zealand?

We mentioned TAB and more will be:

  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • Ladbrokes
  • Bet365 they all accept New Zealand bettors.

Can one play live betting in NZ?

Yes, you can. Live betting is legal internet and on mobile apps. Sports betting is very fun and entertaining, even though it can create problem gaming, which we advise NZ punters to make sure that they look after themselves. Check out more Real-money online gambling NZ sites and what it can offer you.

Which sports can one bet on?

Most of the international competitions and sports leagues are available to place wagers on. There’s include Rugby (NRL and Rugby Union), Football (AFL), Basketball and Cricket. Also, there are domestic tournaments such as greyhound racing and the New Zealand Cup for horse racing. Get the Thrills and excitement of gambling on sports games for real money.

Which sports are New Zealanders betting on most?

Aussie Rules Football¸ Australian sports betting and the National Rugby League are popular with Kiwis, together with cricket and rugby competitions and both greyhound and horse betting. Moreover, there is Australian open, league baseball, and college football and fantasy sports betting that you can put your money on. Check out sports betting sites in New Zealand here for more.


A bit of advice, make sure that you take advantage of free picks, choose the right sports betting websites, take advantage of the sign-up bonus and make sure that you know your internet gaming sports leagues. Bet on sport and enjoy your deposit bonus or use it to play other games such as poker. Most importantly, gamble responsibly on online New Zealand sports betting site. Also, keep in mind that in this gaming industry its either you win or lose. There’s a lot on

England premier league that you bet on, at reliable internet gambling sites. Remember to also report problem gambling. Check out online New Zealand sports betting site for the best bookmarking sites to gamble for real cash. kiwi sports betting site NZ offer punters the best gambling experience for their hard-earned money. Ramp up the excitement of sports betting sites New Zealand and stick with the best New Zealand sports betting sites that are guaranteed to be the best!

Problem Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealanders enjoy gaming on Lotto and occasional pokies game. Also, they do enjoy a day out at the races. However, gambling can become addictive and cause chaos for families, finances, friendships, and work. You are mainly at risk if you use pokie machines, go to the casino often or gamble online. Gambling can also be harmless entertainment that Patrons get personal enjoyment and positive social effects. The incomes from non-commercial betting provide noteworthy funding for a varied variety of community purposes. However, bookmaking also has opposing effects on most individuals, their communities and their families. From time to time, the occurrence and influences of problem gambling in New Zealand are the subject of deluded comments. Are you having a problem gambling or you know anyone who needs help with their gambling addiction? Here are some contacts that you can check out:

Gambling helpline

Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ

  • Contact number- 0800 664 262

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