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Charlene Washington is a 30-year-old town counselor who enjoys writing. She is creative and inspiring, but can also be very greedy and a bit selfish. She has a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. She has a severe phobia of cats, and is obsessed with over-knee socks. She grew up in a working-class neighbourhood.

European Super League 2022

European super league logo

The Super League is a new European competition with a 20-team league made up of 15 permanent members with the remaining five members of the league comprised of teams that qualified through domestic European League competition. The super league delivers thrilling excitement and drama that has never been seen in football before.  They bring together […]

5 Professional Popular Sports Bettors You Need to Know

Sports Bettors online

Fewer professions have now created more stars than sports. In fact, if there’s a group of people close to real-life superheroes, it’s the athletes that play for our favourite teams. Somewhere within the shadows, another profession that involves sports is becoming more fascinating every year: professional bettors. These risk-takers have given up on their normal […]

Kanye West Presidential Election Betting Odds Preview

The rapper Kanye West delivered the news on Twitter that he will be running for president in the 2020 Election. It was observed though that there were ramifications he left out of his oddball decision-making skills. Forbes also interviewed West, and it was clear that he left his presidential bid up to god. There weren’t […]

7 Nightmares of Every Sports Gambler

7 Nightmares of Every Sports Gambler

Sports gambling can be a lot of fun and at the same time it can be a painful struggle. One week you can be on top of the world, and the next minute you can’t even save yourself. Here are seven nightmares that sports gamblers might have, and information about if there’s anything you can […]

Samsung Lions vs. NC Dinos Baseball Pick, Odds, and Predictions

Samsung Lions vs. NC Dinos Baseball

The Samsung Lions and NC Dinos will be playing against each other for the second of a three-game series on Wednesday at NC Park. The Dinos edged out the Lions in extra innings with a score of 6-5 on Tuesday. Tuesday was a 2-0-1 day, so it was still profitable regardless. It would have been […]

5 Steps to NFL Betting Success


The NFL is extremely popular for gamblers. So, we have put together a list to help players learn how to have success gambling on NFL games. These five steps for NFL betting success and profits are only a starting point. You will still need to learn how to evaluate NFL matches to make money. Here […]

4 Things to Do and Not Do for Betting on Golf

Golf betting is one of the most interesting sports worldwide. The sport is cost-prohibitive and few fans have access to getting out on the course. Gold is considered to be the hidden gem for sports gamblers that have never bought into the sport. If you take time to learn how to bet efficiently, you may […]

Dana White Confirms the Date for Miocic vs. DC 3

Miocic vs. DC 3

The UFC continues to make big announcements! MMA enthusiasts around the world have been awaiting news on what will be next for the heavyweight division. Dana White has revealed that Miocic vs. DC 3 will happen in August. This is likely the biggest heavyweight fight the UFC put together right now. Followers around the world […]

La Liga Returns on the 8th of June 2020

La Liga Returns – Online Sports Betting

The Spanish football returns with the Seville derby this June. Should all go accordingly, La Liga will be completed by the end of July. Games will be played every day for six weeks behind closed doors. All the title, European places, and relegation slots are decided.There is hopefulness after teams have returned to training in […]

How do sports bets work?

how sports bets work online

Sports betting is exactly what it sounds like. You place a stake on a sporting event and win a set amount of cash if the team or player you wagered on wins. If the team or the player you placed a bet on doesn’t win, then you lose your bet. You can place an extensive […]