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Formula 1 Betting Guide

Formula 1 or F1 is one of the motorsports with the largest numbers of followers globally. in the past decade, the F1 gambling market has grown to become very popular. In the world of F1 gaming, the bettor can choose to wager on a single race or on the outcome of the championship. In the first format, the backer can guess which driver will take the win on the championship over the course of the Grand Prix calendar, also which drivers will finish in the top 3 or in the top 6 at the end of the season. Moreover, bettors can predict which drivers will finish the challenge first and as runner-up. As one of the most watched sports worldwide, Formula One racing is a great hit for sports gamblers worldwide. With loads of different drivers to pick from, lots of races to wager on, and different types of stakes to work with. The possibilities to make real money are endless.

In this guide, we will walk you through everything that you need to know to with F1 betting, also to help you master it, or help you make some great money from it.

F1 Betting

In this Guide You will Find:

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F1 Betting Tips

Formula 1 season is ready to go with followers already displaying love and eagerness for their favourite teams. Millions of fans across the world, tens of thousands of which are punters as well, follow the biggest F1 races. Every year, staking at the beginning of an F1 season includes a wealth of enthusiasts from all over the world and they look to make things exciting, this means a lot of bets on the winner of races and also the final world championship markets. Enjoy betting at the best NZ online sports betting for real money.

Best Formula 1 Betting Markets

  • Championship Winner – Gambling the top team of the season, you can wager this market at any time during the year.
  • Drivers’ Championship Winner– Backing the top driver, this market changes throughout the year as new racers emerge.
  • Race Winner– here you bet on the driver that will win the race. There are odds offered before the race takes place and also during the live match.
  • Fastest Lap – the concentration is on the driver who will finish a single lap in the quickest time.
  • Pole Position – well-known market, where you place your bets on the driver that will obtain the pole position in the qualifying portion of the Grand Prix.
  • Top 3 – this is one of the safe betting choices. This type of market coverers drivers that will be taking the podium position when the race is finished.
  • Constructors Championship – awarded to the best team builder for the season, points begin at the start of the year.

Know Your Formula 1 Odds

Sportsbooks use F1 odds to show how likely a situation can go during the race or even in the season. Bookies turn to make their own predictions and calculate what they think it’s the right proverbiality.

Finding Value F1 Stakes

Before placing bets, it is imperative that you identify what is the real value of Formula 1 odds. Deliberate on a real opportunity to win money placing a wager. A typical example, a bookmaker gives a top driver 7/2, meaning that he’s considered likely to the victor the competition with a probability of 35%.

formula one

Where Formula 1 Began

Formula 1 originates from Europe during the 1920s and 1930s, and it became world competition in the year 1950. After that, an inspiring number of people started to following the races and supporting their favourite drivers. The 1990s also came with the real change, technology being introduced and new slickness tools made a powerful engine a piece of the puzzle that was needed to win the competition. Duels such as the one between Michael Schumacher and Mika Häkkinen do form the history of the modern Formula 1.  One that has seen main characters Mercedes and Ferrari succeed with other teams in the middle breaking the silence. In the past years, other good drivers entertained the great number of followers that F1 engages in every season.

Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel are few names of drivers that have recently battled for the uppermost step on the podium. Formula 1 betting is enjoyable and entertaining, with most of the sportsbooks offering a big amount of gambling markets and a lot of in-play opportunities.

Tips for Betting on Formula 1

1.      Get the News on The Drivers

Get to know more about your drivers. What they are like and what they have achieved so far and also what they can do.

2.      Follow the Team News

Get in the news and understand what is really happening in the formula 1. Get the odds and everything that will equip you.

3.      Keep an Eye on The Weather

The result of a Formula 1 Grand Prix race is very dependent on the weather conditions. Certain drivers such as Max Verstappen and Sebastien Vettel can drive well in wet weather while others can’t.

4.      Pay Attention to The Qualifying Sessions

Most casual enthusiasts of Formula 1 racing will only watch the main race itself. But if you are about succeeding with Grand Prix bets, then you should follow the developments of the qualifying session always. Not only will this show you who will get the coveted pole position on the grid, but it will also give you the chance to see how different drivers are coping with the circuit.

5.      Don’t Bet on The Winner

As the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton seem to win more races, it may also seem that if you back either of these two, you will suffer from the unfavourable odds that are unable of delivering much.

Formula 1 Betting Terms

  • Podium finish —top three finish in a Formula 1 Grand Prix race
  • Constructor — the race team. For instance, Ferrari, Red Bull, and Mercedes are all constructors.
  • Retirement —refers to when a driver doesn’t finish a race. With mechanical failure or a crash as a reason.
  • Safety car — appears on the track to slow down the race so that agents can come and clear any wreckage from the racetrack.
  • Fav vs Field — This bet allows you to wager on the favourite or anybody else within the race.
  • DRS — The drag reduction scheme, an adjustable flap on the back of the race car used to increase speed.
  • Pits — Drivers will go into the pits to change tyres throughout the race.
  • Virtual racing — Most bookies allow punters to bet on virtual motor races for a fun alternative to a real-life Formula 1 racing.
  • Grid position — Where every driver begins at a Formula 1 race.

Current Formula 1 Winners

Year Drivers’ Championship Constructors Championship Champion
2017 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2016 Nico Rosberg Mercedes
2015 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
2014 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes


F1 Overview

The modern era of Formula 1 is regarded as quite predictable to the nature of the advanced machinery. However, Verstappen’s earliest race victory in Spain proves there is both betting and controversy profit to be made.

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