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NFL Football Consensus

The public is used as a litmus test to help figure out which NFL teams can be wagered on. When it comes to gambling on the NFL, all the handicapping tools that you can get your hands on will help you make accurate predictions. With the public’s betting data, punters will be able to see what is going on at their chosen sportsbooks, which clubs are being heavily wagered on and if punters look to put funds on the underdog or their favourite.


What is the Consensus?

The consensus is the number of bets being placed at a bookie on one team or the opponent (OVER or UNDER). Often referred to as gambling percentages, these numbers will give you an idea of what is going on at the bookie. You can use this data to shape your National Football League picks. We have created this page to help you determine if you want to wager with or against the public. Consensus picks also give you a good peek into line movements. For instance, if the line is opened at New Orleans -7 then it moved to -8, you will then understand the reason for the movement because 74% of the public is gambling on the Saints. The consensus is a snap into what’s happening on at the bookies. You will see the percentage of bets on every side of each football game that is based on the Moneyline, point spread and OVER/UNDER.

Betting with or Against the Public

The consensus is a good tool to use when you make your NFL picks because you can see what other football gamblers are betting on. This is the percentage of the consensus public betting on every side of a matchup or the total. You can wager with or against the public. When you stake against the public, it is known as “fading” the public. Let’s take that the consensus says the majority of gamblers are betting on New England to cover the spread in its match against Buffalo. You reckon the Patriots will not stand a chance because their defence might be pierced with injuries, or Bill Belichick could stitch the sleeves back onto sweatshirts. If you feel good that the Bills might cover the spread, you can as well fade the public and stake against the consensus.

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