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Perilous Smog Hits the Australian Open Golf

Golf Australia plans to boost on-site medical staff if Sydney’s fire-driven fog continues to disturb this week’s Australian Open. The GA boss Stephen Pitt acknowledged the dangerous haze above The Australian Golf Club brought unusual challenges with at least one player having to prepare for the All Skills event breathing difficulties reports. While Pitt is very confident the Australian Open will go ahead without any smoky delays, bureaucrats will have to closely monitor the weather with kids and elderly audiences most vulnerable to the intimidating air quality.

“Firstly, the issues with Smog at a tournament pale into insignificance with the things that property owners and homeowners and people around the country have dealt with,” Pitt said.

Australian Open smog

Australian Open- Weather Forecast

Pitt said Tuesday’s poor conditions throughout practice were mainly due to westerly wind.

“So, we’re aware of that fact and all our considerations and thoughts go to all of them because that’s the real issue.

“This week has been different for us for the first few days. It’s something that we have never had to give a thought to before – we’ve had rain, storms, hail, heat and cold and all those are your typical gold tournament issues.

“However, this is new and we are in constant contact with the Bureau of Climatology and the outlook is justly optimistic.”

“And I believe that’s the worst wind in terms of smoke nonetheless that is due to change in the evening,” he said.

“There are southerlies and then possibly a north-easterly might also come in. They will help clear the area, which is not only good news for us but then also for Sydney residents and surrounding areas. This is a situation that will have to be monitored very well. Already spectators have been seen in smog masks. Pitt said the Aussie Open was already well-covered with St John Ambulance representatives, however, more assistance would be required if needed.

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