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Australia and New Zealand Join forces to bit for 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Football Federation Australia (FFA) initially planned to submit its bid, while New Zealand also put its name forward back in March. However, the joint approach might give them a great chance of beating the other bids from Colombia, Japan, Brazil and also Argentina. If this joined bit succeeds, it will be the first time the tournament will be having joint hosts and it will also be the first time it has been hosted in the southern hemisphere.

Matildas vice-captain Steph Catley said- “For young females to be able to look at us and say ‘that’s what we want to be’… it is a dream come true, as I didn’t have that growing up.”

Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand Women World Cup

Catley said her most favorite Women’s World Cup reminiscence was running out for the team’s first match against Italy in France prior this year and having to see many Australian supporters in the stands. “I got Goosebumps all over my body,” she said.

Imagine that at home with a much-packed crowd of Australians or New Zealanders to support us.”

Australian Sports Minister Colbeck,said that he was very excited by the view of two sports-mad nations to play host to football’s worldwide centrepiece.

“We’ve got a standing for it and we’ve done joint proceedings before, in both cricket [2015 World Cup] and also the rugby league [2017 World Cup]. Both of them have been successful,” he said at a press conference.

The FFA chairman Chris Nikou said he wants the tournament to create a healthier, equal society, both inside and outside the sport.

“At the heart of this bid is about leaving a legacy for women and the girls,” he said.

“We’re talking something bigger than the sport.

The bidding site, which was originally, is now known as The Matildas now ranks eighth in the world, have made it to the first phase of this year’s World Cup before they got beaten on penalties by Norway. New Zealand’s 23rd-ranked Football Branches, meanwhile, failed to get out of the group stage, as they lost all three matches in France.

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