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Dana White Confirms the Date for Miocic vs. DC 3

The UFC continues to make big announcements! MMA enthusiasts around the world have been awaiting news on what will be next for the heavyweight division. Dana White has revealed that Miocic vs. DC 3 will happen in August. This is likely the biggest heavyweight fight the UFC put together right now. Followers around the world are already placing their bets on the possible outcome. Today, we’re going to check out what to expect from this slugfest.

Miocic vs. DC 3

Stipe Miocic is Ready to Fight

Stipe Miocic is certainly one of the utmost heavyweight MMA fighters of all time. He’s 19-3 as an expert and he is the only man to defend the UFC heavyweight title three-straight times. The Cleveland native found his toughest rival to be Daniel Cormier. That’s not completely surprising. Cormier is a once-in-a-generation mixed martial artist. The previous Olympian only lost twice during his MMA career. Cormier and Stipe fought on two events and both hold a win over the other.

Everyone felt the series bout was unavoidable. Unfortunately, Miocic has been on the sidelines, waiting for the gym to reopen. Prior to this, the champion was dealing with an injury.

Many states are starting to permit businesses to reopen. Daniel Cormier told the media he was now in the training room. It seemed like in a matter of time before this sequence fight was announced. This is the most important heavyweight fight in the history of the MMA. The winner will go down as one of the division’s GOAT’s. Fortunately, admirers know when to expect this vital fight.

Date for Miocic vs. DC 3 is Set

There were times when the heavyweight division was a bit stagnant. Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic have reinvigorated the weight class. Their match will be one of the biggest MMA bouts in the recent history. Dana White has told the media that Miocic vs. DC 3 would take place on August 15th. He did not, however, reveal the location for this event. At the moment, the logical option is for this bout to take place at the UFC’s own arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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