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Kanye West Presidential Election Betting Odds Preview

The rapper Kanye West delivered the news on Twitter that he will be running for president in the 2020 Election. It was observed though that there were ramifications he left out of his oddball decision-making skills.

Forbes also interviewed West, and it was clear that he left his presidential bid up to god. There weren’t any policies that he could articulate without any drums, beats, bass, or his co-writers. Also, the election is supposed to be grounded by a set of laws. Those laws in the law-making sphere seem to have been ignored.

Kanye West Presidential Election Betting

Does Kanye Have A Shot?

So, who’s to say that West doesn’t have a shot at this year’s election? He would fit in on the ballot for the Republican Party. However, their ticket is led by the incumbent, another stable mastermind.

What Are Kanye’s Odds of Becoming the Next US President?

Candidate Odds
Donald Trump +100
Joe Biden -150
Kanye West +5000
Hillary Clinton +5000
Mike Pence +6000
Michelle Obama +8000
Andrew Cuomo +8000
Mitt Romney +10000
Nikki Haley +12500


Which Party will take the presidency – General Election Odds?

Republicans +140
Democrats -180


Americans May Prefer the Democrats

For now, Americans may prefer the Democrats in terms of gambling favourability. And that’s because the president is not so well favoured. Is he a bigger loser than Biden? Unfortunately, Biden doesn’t really set the bar higher. In fact, they are both moderately detestable. Flip a coin. See what will happen. Wouldn’t it be something if the Republicans could win the popular vote and lose in the general election?

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