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5 Professional Popular Sports Bettors You Need to Know

Sports Bettors online

Fewer professions have now created more stars than sports. In fact, if there’s a group of people close to real-life superheroes, it’s the athletes that play for our favourite teams. Somewhere within the shadows, another profession that involves sports is becoming more fascinating every year: professional bettors. These risk-takers have given up on their normal […]

Kanye West Presidential Election Betting Odds Preview

The rapper Kanye West delivered the news on Twitter that he will be running for president in the 2020 Election. It was observed though that there were ramifications he left out of his oddball decision-making skills. Forbes also interviewed West, and it was clear that he left his presidential bid up to god. There weren’t […]

7 Nightmares of Every Sports Gambler

7 Nightmares of Every Sports Gambler

Sports gambling can be a lot of fun and at the same time it can be a painful struggle. One week you can be on top of the world, and the next minute you can’t even save yourself. Here are seven nightmares that sports gamblers might have, and information about if there’s anything you can […]

Dota2 Pro Faith_Bian Stepped Down from EHOME’s

EHOME and Faith Bian

Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida is removed from the EHOME’s active Dota2 roster for medical reasons. This was announced by the Chinese esports organization. The 22-year-old offlaner has been scheduled for surgery to remove an intramedullary nail on his upper arm. This procedure has been in the works since last year February 2019, when the player cracked […]

Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc Provides Business update and Plan to the COVID-19 crisis

Global Daily Fantasy Sports Inc. is providing a business update and its response plan to the Coronavirus crisis. The company’s responsibility and priority is the health and safety of its staff. Consequently, Global implemented a work-from-home policy to promote social distancing. These policies remain active for the foreseeable future. Due to the sternness and uncertainty […]

Online Betting Remains Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The 26th of March 2020 was supposed to be the 1st day for Major League Baseball; however, the covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to it along with football, basketball, and hockey. David Strauss, who’s the heads oddsmaker at said the sports do make up great money for their gaming business. “It’s safe to […]

How Does Sports Betting Work?

Sports betting is one of the popular methods of gambling that players enjoy doing to pass time.  As a gambler, you place a wager on a sporting event and get a chance to win a set amount of cash if the player or team you bet on wins. If none wins, then you lose your […]

Australian Open 2020 Gets Underway

The Australian Open

The world’s top tennis players in Melbourne, Australia, gather over the next two weeks. This is the 108th edition of the Australian Open ready to get underway. The first Grand Slam competition of the year takes place at Melbourne Park. The women’s and men’s closing are scheduled for February 1 and February 2. The World […]

Oscar Nominations 2020 List

Oscar Nominations

The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony that is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will be honouring the best films of 2019. The ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The Oscar nominations 2020 are already in as Issa Rae and John Cho announced the nominations […]