NHL Betting Odds

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Betting odds signify the probability of an event/tournament that is to happen and enable punters to work out how much money they will win should their bets win.  New Zealand punters can find the best NHL betting odds at leading sports betting sites. Moreover, they are also able to make comparisons and be able to get the best deal on their odds. Read our full guide on NHL Odds here!

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The most popular way to wager on your favourite hockey squad is moneyline gambling. It replaces a point spread due to the scores being low. Your chosen squad has to win the match, and not win by a convinced number of goals. In NHL odds, bad and good values are attached to favourites (-180) and underdogs (+160).


The puckline is a cross form of NHL gaming that unites the moneyline and a point spread. It means a club has to win by two or extra goals to win the bet, more like a runline in baseball. Negative values like -1.5 show that team is favoured by 1.5 goals. Positive values such as +1.5 show that squad is the underdog by 1.5 goals. Gambling on the puckline it means the squad must win by two goals to shelter the puckline spread. The underdog can drop by a goal and still be able to shelter the puckline. A team can lose 3-2, but still, be able to win on the puckline if it is +1.5 goals.

Also, may see a -135 or +180 value related with the puckline. This is the moneyline constituent and indicates how much you need in order to risk and how much you are to profit.


This betting option is known as both totals or OVER/UNDER betting odds, it is a number that is set by oddsmakers and punters must select if the total amount of goals scored in the match by both teams will be high or low.

Futures Betting

This is all about guessing who will take the next cup. This bet can be placed earlier before the match by betting on NHL futures. Oddsmakers tend to set and change lines through the season, reliant on the relative forte of NHL teams. The leading squad in the league might be +400 odds to win the trophy. Means you would get $4 for every $1 staked should that team win the Cup.

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