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NBA Odds & NBA Betting Lines

The NBA season got you interested in betting? Or maybe you studied the NFL odds and decided to develop into basketball. Maybe, after they pour over the NCAA basketball odds, you decided to take a closer look at the professional leagues. Well, before you go straight in and start placing bets, you will have to have some basic understanding of what is happening.  For punters that have never placed a wager or a seasoned expert that needs some touch-ups, we got you on our guide. Read on to see the various betting lines available in the NBA. In this guide, we will also share leading sportsbooks with great Odds for the NBA. Punters should sign up with these to make their sports betting journey easier.


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This is one of the most common wagering options. Most sports punters bet the moneyline. With moneyline wager, the last result is what matters most.  For example let’s look at the Golden State Warriors playing against the Boston Celtics. When you look at the NBA odds, the Warriors are most favoured to win, and moneyline is set at -185. The ‘-’ sign indicates the Warriors are projected to win. The number shows how much you need to bet for you to win a payout of $100. In this case, you need to bet $185, and should the Warriors win, you will win $100. Boston’s odds are at +165. The ‘+’ sign indicates that the Celtics are the underdogs. The number shows how much you could win based on a $100 wager. So, if you were to wager on the Celtics and they pulled off an upset and won, then you will win $165.

Point Spread

A point spread wager is more complicated and it is generally meant for experts of the game. In a point spread, you are gambling on the winning margin of a win and not only on who wins but by how much. In any matchup, your selected sportsbook sets a number for every team.

There is typically a moneyline bet attached to the spread, for instance, (-6.5, -120). like a simple moneyline wager, this shows the amount of the possible payout. So, if the Warriors have their odds set at (-6.5, -120) and they cover the spread, and you bet $120 that they would do so, then you will win $100.


Total betting is also known as the over/under. In a total wager, the NBA odds are set at a number that predicts combined scores of two teams. Your chosen sportsbook may predict the two teams in order to earn a combined total of 185 points. As a punter, you will then guess whether the final point total will be over or under that amount and place your wager. Always try to Keep an eye on expected matchups in order to determine how high you can expect the total to go. In a matchup between teams that have a lot of aggressive firepower’s, you can expect the point total to be high.


Most punters turn to bet on futures, which is a good and broad category. With futures, you bet on the likelihood that something will take place. It is all about a lucky guess. The moneyline, total and point spread are all short-term wagers that refer to nightly action and precise matchups. Futures are long-term wagers on bigger questions like “Who will victor the NBA championship?” These odds are always refreshed and updated throughout the entire year. As clubs do well, their odds will also improve.

Prop Betting Options

Prop gaming is also becoming a popular option for sports punters. The term “prop bet” means “proposition bet” and can be referred to any bet that is not directly based on the final result of a match. Most big sportsbooks release a number of unique NBA odds for matches few hours before the tip-off.

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