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WNBA Basketball Betting Guide

WNBA, The Women’s National Basketball Association is a skilled basketball league based in the US. The league was established in 1996, as the women’s counterpart to the National Basketball Association (NBA). The league then began to play in the year 1997. It currently consists of twelve teams. Betting options for WNBA basketball are similar to any other basketball league (College Basketball or the NBA). The popular way to wager is on the point spread, however, a lot of handicappers like to gamble on the money line and/or total. Prop bets and Future bets can be placed as well. We have compiled a full WNBA betting guide for both novice and existing players to catch up on. Read on!

WNBA Basketball

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WNBA Point Spread Betting

Basketball matches are handicapped by totalling or removing points from the squad scores. Favoured teams have to give up their points, while underdogs are getting points. In numerous games, the handicap gives bettors a chance to get in the -105 to -110 range on whichever side.

For Instance:

  • Los Angeles Sparks -3.5 (-110)
  • New York Liberty +3.5 (-110)

The team with the plus signs (New York Liberty) is given 3.5 points. Then the team with the minus sign (Los Angeles Sparks) has to give up their 3.5 points. For wagers on the Sparks to win, they need to win the match by 4 or more points. For stakes on the Liberty to win, they might lose the game by 3 or fewer points, or win outright.

Money Line Betting

Money line bets are also known as straight-up bets made on which club will win the match, without point spread involved. Instead of receiving or giving up points, punters get odds that reflect on the favourite and the underdog.

For Instance:

  • Phoenix Mercury +160
  • Indiana Fever -180

Money lines are showed as positive (+) or a negative (-). The team with positive money-line is the underdog, and the one with the negative money line is the favourite.  Negative money lines specify the amount of cash that must be wagered in order to win $100 in profit. Positive money lines show the amount of cash that will be won from a $100 bet.

WNBA Totals (Over/Under) Betting

Totals bets are easy bets that are based on the joint score of both teams throughout a game. A score of 75-70 will have a total of 145. For every game, sportsbooks set a number of the total (which is also called over/under). The bettor’s job is to guess if the total score will be high or low.

WNBA Basketball Prop Bets Futures

Futures bets are bets that guess the Eastern & Western Conference Champions, or even the WNBA Winner. Most sports betting sites offer them in advance of a season taking place. Also, they cut them off soon after the season has started.

Proposition bets are any type of bet that doesn’t fit into any of the gambling categories listed. They’re designed for unplanned bettors that only want to have fun. Some WNBA prop stakes include:

  • Which team will be first to notch 20 points?
  • Over/under on how many points a gamer will score in a match.
  • Will team X score an even or odd amount of points in a match?
WNBA Basketball betting

Best WNBA Basketball Gambling Site

  1. Leading NZ sportsbooks offer money line, point spread, and totals bets for all WNBA sports games. Futures bets are also available for Eastern & Western Conference Champions, and also the WNBA Champion. Prop bets are obtainable during the playoffs.
  2. Lines go up even earlier at the best New Zealand sportsbooks than most online sportsbooks, which helps professional punters to find value.
  3. All well-known deposit methods are available for punters in and out of New Zealand including Visa credit cards and even instant eChecks

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