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Preakness Stakes Betting Guide

The Preakness Stakes is known as the second race within the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing circuit. It is preceded by the Kentucky Derby and shadowed by the Belmont Stakes race. Once the Kentucky Derby is done, all eyes now turn to the Preakness Stakes. Every year, horse punters set their goals on the Preakness Stakes. The Grade I thoroughbred horse race and the second leg of the journey to a Triple Crown cup is held between the Belmont Stakes and Kentucky Derby races. Even though some are interested to see if the Kentucky Derby champion will be able to pull off an additional victory at the Preakness and keep hopes of a Triple Crown active. The Preakness stands on its own for having a rich history and tradition. This is known as the most thrilling race of the Triple Crown season.

Preakness Stakes

Best betting sites for Preakness Stakes

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How to Bet on the Preakness Stakes Online

There are numerous wagering options available with Preakness Stakes odds at all the best sports betting sites. Like Kentucky Derby betting, Preakness wagers require the quickness of Secretariat. New punters who want to place their bets in horse racing and also to learn more about it, don’t worry, we got you. Check out the bets that you can place on Preakness Stakes:

  1. – the majority of bets are based on which horses will win, place and show. Bookmaking a horse to “win” is straight forward. You select which horse will win the competition. Gambling on a horse to “place” means you win your wager if that horse does come in either first or second. Bookmaking a horse to “show” means you collect if that horse finishes in the top three. Also, you can place an “across the board” bet on a single horse.  With this, you make three distinct bets on the same horse to win, place and show. Should the horse win, you collect on all three wagers. If it comes in second, you win for the place and show payouts. If it comes in third, you only get the show payout.
  1. Exotic Bets – The most popular exotic bets are “trifecta.” And “exacta”. The exacta needs you to pick two horses that will come in first and second in successive order. and the trifecta entails you choosing the precise order of the top three horses.

Where Can You Bet

Your Local Track – Many racetracks allow punters to watch and bet through broadcasting. This is a good atmosphere that is full of enthusiastic horse racing extremists that are unable to make a lengthy trip to Baltimore.

Online Race books – For bettors that only want to be at home and watch the race, there are a lot of racebooks that allow you to place your bets while at home. We review and recommend some in the list of betting sites above

Preakness Stakes Betting Tips

  • Focus on Horses that have Ran at Derby –four horses have won the Preakness and did not race in the Derby since 1983. Don’t try and forecast when history will be made. Better stick to what you know.
  • Forget the Long Shots – The lure of finding a long shot for a great payout is very hard to ignore. Though, the Preakness has factually been the time to load up on the favourite.
  • Avoid Dwindling in Love with the Front Runners – Even with the short distance of the race, front runners are bad investments.

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