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Six Nations Rugby New Zealand

The Six Nations Championship is a yearly global rugby union competition between England, Ireland, France, Italy, Wales, and Scotland. The 2019 Six Nations Championship, also known as the Guinness Six Nations was the 20th Six Nations Championship. The yearly rugby union race challenged by the national teams and the 125th version of the competition.

Six Nations Rugby

When Did The 5 Nations Become 6 Nations?

England, Ireland, Wales, France, Italy, and Scotland challenge each other every year for the admired championship trophy. Originally launched as the Home Nations Championship in 1883, the rivalry has blossomed over the years and it has become its present format in 2000 when Italy joined the Five Nations.

How do 6 Nations work?

The Six Nations is a competition played annually between the top rugby union-playing nations in Europe.

  • Six Nations Table Ranking Rules
  • Four points are awarded for a win.
  • Two points are awarded for a draw.

A bonus point is awarded to a team that scored four or more tries in a game or loses a game with seven points or less. If a team scores four tries in a game and loses with seven points or less, they are awarded both bonus points.

Three bonus points are awarded to a team that wins all five matches (a Grand Slam). This guarantees that a Grand Slam endearing team tops the table with 23 points – a team could drop a game but still manage to win two bonus points and victor the other four matches with four-try extra points for an all-out of 22 points.


If two or additional teams tied on match points, the team with better points difference are ranked higher. Should the above tie-breaker fail to separate tied teams, the squad that scored higher total tries in their games v are then ranked higher. If two or more squads stay tied for first place at the conclusion of the tournament after they apply the above tiebreakers, the title is shared between the teams.

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