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person to person

Person-to-Person payments, also known as (P2P) is online expertise that allows players to transfer money from their banking account, credit card to another individual’s account through a mobile phone or the Internet. P2P payment systems need access to your monetary information. So, you must check your account settings and enable added security measures. Also, consider turning on the multi-factor verification, needful of a PIN, or using fingerprint recognition such as Touch ID.

person to person

In This Guide, You Will Find:

Why use Person-2-Person Pay?

It is easy to send money

  • All you have to do is to Use our mobile banking app or be able to login to Online Banking in order to access Person-2-Person Pay.
  • The next step it to Enter the recipient’s mobile number or even an email address.
  • Also, note that Recipients don’t need to own an account with the bank o0r to be enrolled in Person-2-Person Pay

Claiming Cash is also easy

  • The receiver will obtain a text message or email with further instructions on how to claim the money.
  • The recipient can choose how they want to claim the money.

How does person to person payments work?

Person to person makes it easier for customers to be able to access their cash at any time and place they are at. Also, players are able to send each other money and one does not have to be a member to be able to receive the money. Once you send the payment, the person you send the money to will get a notice through a text or email. Then they can validate the payment with a debit card or a bank along with their account number. You are able to send up to $800/day as long as you have the cash available in your account and that it doesn’t exceed your limit. If the money has not been claimed in 10 days, then the funds are repaid into your account.

How to open a Person-2-Person account

Here are steps on how you can enroll for P2P account

  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. choose Person-2-Person Pay
  3. then Agree to the Terms and Conditions
  4. choose Enrol
  5. View and authorize your email address

Person-2-Person FAQ

How Can one Access Person-To-Person Payments?

Person-to-Person Payments is available from Mobile or online Banking account under Transactions menu by clicking Pay Someone.

Does it cost anything to use person-to-person payments?

No, it is FREE! also the recipient does not pay any fee.

Are funds immediately removed from my account?

Sending money is more the same as at an ATM withdrawal where the money is immediately debited from your banking account.

What other options are there to send a Person-2-Person Pay payment?

Email address or Mobile phone number – the recipient will get a text with instructions on how to get the money.

Bank Account – the funds are then sent directly to the recipient’s bank account.

PayPal – the money is promptly sent to the receiver’s PayPal account.

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