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Sports Betting Terms

Sports betting is all about guessing sports outcomes and placing bets on the outcome. There are dissimilar ways to place your stakes, from oddset, games to outcome betting. Sports gambling is an important part of the gambling industry. You also don’t need a progressive degree in order to understand the language of sports gaming. refer to this page when you see an unfamiliar phrase or word. Here are some of the most popular terms:

Sports Betting terms


Oddset is betting with fixed odds where you contest against the betting operative. Should the predictions be correct, the odds are multiplied with each other and then with the stake amount.

Full-Time Result

The common football stake is on the match result – 1-x-2. In that kind of wager, the punter has to guess the end-result of a match. The player foresees whether the result at the end of the game will be one out of three options: a win for the other team, a loss for one team or a draw.

Total Goals Under/Over

This is a two-way pick. The player’s stake is to guess whether there will be a big or a smaller number of goals scored. In a football game, it can be seen as 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc. Here the score at the end of the game is taken into account.

Correct Score

This is predicting the score at the end of the normal game-time. Scores are often quoted as “home team score or away team score” so, be sure to check your ticket if it’s the way it should be.


This is to guess the result at half-time and of the full-time using the same bet. So, there are nine likely results for this wager.

First Goal Scorer

A prediction of who will be the scorer of the first goal in the game.

Handicap Betting

Often used when there is a favourite. In that case, the other team can get one or additional goals ahead.

Across the Board

A technique of wagering on a horse to place, win and show.


A baseball bet where no pitcher is stated. It Also refers to the number of stakes-placed on a sure event.

ATS (Against the Spread)

A method of signifying to the outcome of a match that takes the point spread into account.

Bad Beat

A bet that loses unpredictably.


An acquaintance used to place wagers, to cover the true identity of the real gambler.


An establishment accepting bets on the outcome of sporting tournaments.


A person taking wagers on sporting events.

Buy (Points)

When a gambler pays an extra price to get half a point or more in his favour on a point spread game.

Canadian Line

A combination point spread and money line in hockey.


The liked team, horse or athlete.

Chalk Player

Someone who only plays the most liked teams, hardly bet on the underdogs.

Circled Game

A match where the limits are dropped or betting choices are limited, due to injuries.


To beat the point spread by the obligatory number of points.

Dead Heat

When two or further horses draw.



Dime Line

A line where the juice is around 10 percent.


Means underdog.

Dog Player

A gambler who plays the underdog mostly.



Double Action

An “if bet” that is treated when the example bet wins, ties or also cancels.

Double Bet

A bet for twice the size of one’s usual bet; also known as “doubling up” or “double pop.”


A person’s benefit when it comes to sports gambling.

Even Money

gambling on which neither side will lay any odds or vigorous.


Any bet is other than a straight stake or parlay, also known as a proposition or prop.


The all-out amount of money a sports book stands to miss on a game.


The team is predictable to win an event. The cited odds reproduce the extent to which the choice is favoured.

Fifty Cents



The amount that is owed to or by a bookie.

Final Four

The last four teams in the NCAA basketball event.

First Half Bet

A wager placed only on the first half of the match.


Bets that are placed on an event or outcome that will take place sometime in the future.

Getting Down

Placing a bet.

Grand Salami

The outstanding total of goals scored in hockey matches of the day.



Half Time Bet

A bet that is placed only in the second half of the match.


One who educates and charges sporting events.


The effort to predict the outcome of sporting games.


The total sum of money bet on an event or group of events.


Placing bets on the conflicting side to cut losses or to guarantee a minimum number of wins.


A half point.

Hot Game

A game that draws a lot of action on one side from well-informed handicappers.


The charge that the bookie makes.

Laying the Points

Gambling the favourite by charitable up points.

Placing the Price

Gambling the favourite by laying money odds.


Money bet by a house with an additional bookmaker to decrease its liability.


The all-out amount a bookmaker allows you to wager before changes of the odds and/or the points.


An additional word for odds.


The person who founds the original and following betting lines. known as “oddsmaker.”

Listed Pitchers

A baseball stake placed only if both of the pitchers arranged to start the match, and if they don’t, then the game will be canceled.


An easy victory.


An athlete, team or horse appears to be improbable to win.


To win on both sides of the same competition in a sports betting event.


A wager where no point spread is involved.

Move the Line

A gamer pays an extra price to get half a point or additional in his favor on a point spread game.



Nickel Line

A sports staking line where the juice is five percent.

No Action

A bet in which no cash is lost nor won.

Off the Board

A game where the bookmaker does not offer action on at that moment.

Outlaw Line

The initial line in sports gambling. An overnight line that only a handful of gamblers are allowed to bet into.


A wager on whether the joint total of the points/goals scored by the two sides will surpass or be less than a stated number.


A wager on two or more teams or results where the unique bet and winnings are invested on the next bet.

Pick ’em

A match where neither team is favored.


The head start, or handicap which the favorite gives to the underdog for gambling purposes.


To bet a larger quantity than usual.

Prop Bet

A special bet that is offered by the sportsbook on a sole and numerous topic. These bets can be on sports events, trial outcomes or politics. The stakes use the money line format of payoff the odds. Also, they might include who will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl, or who will win the next election.


The odds or point spread.


Given odds of a goal spread in hockey in its place of using a Canadian Line, where both goals spread and money line are played.


The underdog.


When a competition ends with no winner or loser for staking purposes.

Round Robin

Three or additional teams in 2-team parlays.

Run down

lines for an exact date, time, sport.


In baseball, a spread is used instead of the moneyline.


One who makes bets for another.


An urbane or professional player.


The athletes or two teams playing – the favorite and the underdog.

Single Action

An “if bet” processed only if the precedent wager wins.


A shortened form of “point spread.”


A beginner when it comes to sports gambling.


A sports betting establishment.

Straight Bet

A bet on one team, horse or athlete.


A wager on two or more teams where the line on every team is attuned in the favour of the punter.


Sports betting bet.


A bet in which no cash is lost or won because the teams’ scores are equal to the number of points in the given line.

Totals Bet

A prop bet in which the player speculates the total score by both teams


Someone who sells their expertise on sports staking.


A bet that the total points scored by two sides will be under a sure figure.


The team is seen as likely to lose.


the best odds on a betting prop; the uppermost possible edge.


The bookie’s commission on a losing wager.

Wiseguy – A knowledgeable or well-informed bettor or handicapper.