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BetOnline sports Review

One of the biggest sportsbooks online.
Some of the largest staking limits.
Top notch Betting software and interface
Hidden fees for some payout options.
Most users complain about customer support.
Issues with poker players in the past years.

Bonus & Promo Info

  • 50% up to $1000
  • 10x Rollover
  • 25% up to $1,000 lifetime bonus

General Info

  • Launched in 2001
  • Headquartered in Panama
  • Client support: live chat, email, and telephone
  • Languages: English, Spanish
  • Type: Sportsbook, Financial, Racebook and Live Betting

Full Review

betonlineBetOnline has been around for more than 15 years, and within those years it has taken a larger hold in betting markets. It started as Best Line Sports in 2001 before they acquired and moved on to They rebranded the firm into BetOnline in 2007 after they bought the .com domain. The bookmaker operates out of Panama City, Panama. Moreover, they accept sports punters worldwide. BetOnline’s poker room has become very popular for players and it has brought a lot of players to the site in recent years. They also have a full-service online casino.

What to Like About BetOnline Sportsbook?

The site is one of the most reliable online betting sites worldwide. Even though in the past they had payout speed issues, that has been resolved and they continue to offer their players the best services as possible. Over the past two years, their withdrawal speeds have improved to become one of the best sportsbooks online concerning payouts. BetOnline also offers loads of seasonal promotions. In addition, they also offer a lot of competitive odds in betting markets. The site posts its lines previous than most sportsbooks online. BetOnline is not going to change its policies based on their customer’s opinion.

BetOnline Payout Methods

For withdrawal speeds, BetOnline falls into the industry standard. Their speeds have improved in recent years. Cryptocurrencies take only 1-2 days and check to take about a week.

Checks– Processed checks take 1-2 weeks and have a dispensation fee of $25 per check.

Bank Wires – Bank wires take around 1 to 2 weeks as well.

Person-To-Person – transfers are available as a withdrawal option, with a max amount of $1,000 and fees range from $35-$120 depending on the amount requested.

Competitive Odds at BetOnline

Like other sportsbooks that cater to entertaining bettors than high-volume professional types, BetOnline takes its side toward the public action. Meaning, getting extra half-point on an underdog is easier compared to other sportsbooks. also, BetOnline posts their lines faster than other sites.


Overall, BetOnline is a legit gambling site for sports. It has become the best option to bet online. They are now ranked with the best of the best. Only a selected few can top their early lines, bonuses offers, an abundance of markets, and also their large betting limits. We recommend you give the site a try if haven’t yet. You won’t regret it.

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