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Puckline Betting Guide

Puckline betting is a point spreads bet where the odds are typical +/- 1.5. They work as an advantage for the game’s underdog by leveling the playing field between teams. Typical or standard betting involves a money line bet, where punters pick the team they think will win outright. We have created this guide to help you understand what puckline is and how you can place puckline bets online at leading sports betting sites in New Zealand. Read on for more

puckline betting

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When to Wager the Puckline

There are cases where bookmaking on the puckline makes much more sense than making a totals or the money line bet. When there is a strong appeal to back a favourite on the panel and slight worth on the underdog. A puck line wager could get you more profit. By wagering on the favourite to win by two or more goals, you can get the likely winner of the game at a reduced price. Hockey punters can parlay their puckline bets. A parlay joins two or more separate wagers into a single bet. However, in order for your parlay wager to win, all stakes on the ticket must win. Winning NHL puck lines also requires good money management. Before you make any NHL bet, check the odds and free picks to make sure that you make a wise bet.

Why Bet on the Puck Line?

So, you may be asking yourself, what’s the point of a puck line? The puck lines act to level the chance between two rival teams. Also, the odds are superior to those that are offered on the money line.

How to Bet on NHL Puck lines?

Check out the steps on how to place bets on Pucklines

  1. Log into your bookie account. For punters that haven’t signed up, will have to do so.
  2. Hover on the hockey puck lines and money lines section of your sportsbook.
  3. Pick the team that will cover the puckline. The underdog will be +1.5 and the favourite will be -1.5.
  4. Enter the amount of money that you want bet. You have to make a cash deposit into your account in order to start betting.
  5. Should you have promo codes or bonus wagers, you should apply them before you confirm your wager.
  6. Double-check the squad that you’re gambling on, wager amounts, puckline odds, bonus bets and promo codes.
  7. After you have confirmed all your details, click the “place bet” button.

Make sure you keep copies of receipts and confirmation numbers for your puckline bet.

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