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Proposition Bets Guide

In gambling, proposition bets, also known as prop bets, novelty, props or side stakes are wagers that are made with regards to the occurrence or non-occurrence in the middle of a game. Prop bets are one of the most extensively covered topics here at Because of profitability, especially when it comes to new punters who want to increase their bankrolls. Prop gambling sites make good money prop betting, this is because proposition bets are driven by public perception and interest. Most online punters play them only for fun and in hopes of getting a big pay-out. Most of the prop bets are a team or player props, however, props can be on any event that surrounds an event where a prop wager site has odds available. Read our guide below to learn a thing or two on prop bets online.

proposition bets


Top Prop Betting Sites Online

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Up to $300

Leo Vegas Sportsbook
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Spin Sports Sportsbook
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MrGreen Sportsbook
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22Bet Sportsbook
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1xbet Sportsbook
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Rizk Sportsbook
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Guts Sportsbook
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Intertops Sportsbook
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Karamba Sportsbook
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Royal Panda Sportsbook

Make Prop Bets Online

If you ever wondered how you can make prop bets, well, we got you. As mentioned before, propositions have advanced juice than the traditional gaming markets, like totals, side, and lower gambling limits. These two features are typically the ones that make a gambling market one to avoid.

Prop Bets Vs Futures Bets in Sports Bookmaking

For example, futures are like props in numerous ways. They’re both fun betting markets. Loud action isn’t something that moves odds in about all cases. They are both juiced higher than the 10% vig charged on straight bets.

The huge difference between the markets is that futures doubtfully offer no worth. The juice on futures might be the worst in all of the sports bets, with most markets charging vig of 25-30% or even more. The upsurge from -110 to -115 makes most markets unsuccessful, nonetheless that isn’t the case with propositions. The edge for knowledgeable sports punter is enough to make prop markets +EV, for the most part.

Proposition Bets – The Players’ Cut

It’s a known secret that most prop bets sites lose cash on prop bets. Of course, one will ask why they still offer them when they don’t benefit from them? Well, they probably don’t lose that much amount of cash on their prop markets, or they will not offer them altogether. The largest bookmaker worldwide by a large margin used to offer NFL punters props but got rid of the market overall years ago.

Line Movement in Prop Betting

Another factor that can be considered is that props don’t move with the primary markets always. If the total or spread does change, prop markets mostly don’t move in unison. When the news breaks, like an injury or sides, totals, suspension, and moneylines are then pulled off the board. Nevertheless, props can remain a bit longer, giving savvy players a chance to capitalize on the breaking news.

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