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NRL Has Dedicated Round One To Australia Bushfire Request

Todd Greenberg, NRL chief executive officer announced that the opening week of the 2020 season will be dedicated to the Bushfire Appeal Round. This is to raise money for the affected. It comes as fellow sporting figures AFL and Cricket Australia commenced considerations to host distinct matches to aid the Australia bushfire appeal, while Aussie NBA co-stars’ group together to donate A$1 million to help.

Australia bushfire

Australia Bushfire -NRL’s Plan Forms Part Of A Whole-Of-Game Approach

Interior teams across the NSWRL, QRL and the RLPA are formed to create a plan to have the most possible impact. Details are still to be finalized; however, Greenberg confirmed the devoted opening round which is one element of a synchronized response from the biggest rugby league arms. The NRL as well is putting plans in place to honour the emergency services workers and volunteers throughout the round.

Our teams and players have many links to these groups impacted by these devastating Australia bushfires,” said Greenberg on Wednesday.

“Everyone spoken to wants to make a change, we all need to help.

“The most real and well-organized way to do that is together in one synchronized response – a reply that is both expressive and delivers communities with the help they need as they repair and rebuild.

We know that the rugby league is an essential part of these communities and we can make a difference when our numerous bodies work together as one and that’s precisely what we are doing – from country rugby league right up to the elite NRL clubs.”

The initial round of the season will kick off on March 12 between Canterbury and Parramatta at Bankwest Stadium, with games being played in Newcastle, Canberra, Townsville, Sydney, and Wollongong. Already squads have started to make donations to the cause.

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