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Netball Betting Guide New Zealand

Netball betting is very popular in New Zealand. Betting on netball is a great way to put your cash on the line with the best sport. Whether you want to bet on the winner, the handicap, the match total, we took time to make sure that we list and feature only the best online sports betting sites in New Zealand that offer netball betting. Should you want to learn more about the sports betting site, we suggest you click on the review and check out the site before placing your real money bet online.

Netball NZ is becoming a progressively popular sport in New Zealand. And it is now about to be considered as something that is more than just a sport that you were forced to play at school. More and more people are becoming absorbed in netball as not only a sport to play but one on which you can place wagers with great odds. has compiled this guide for netball enthusiasts and those that want to get to know netball and start placing bets on it. Read on for more!

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In This Guide You Will Find:

Leading Netball Betting Sites In NZ

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Netball History

The sport started in the late 19th era, and it was developed as a men’s sport as a kind of basketball. However, after a lot of protests and social variations, women were finally allowed to play the sport. Netball is now exclusively associated with the female. Find the best online sports betting in the NZ market today.

How Netball is Played

Netball is played by two teams; each team has seven players. Also, every team is made up of the next positions: goal defense, goalkeeper, wing defense, centre. Additionally, goal attack, wing attack, and goal shooter. The game continues for 60 minutes, and it is divided into four 15-minute quarters. The goal is to score points by putting the ball via the opposition’s hoop. It is much similar to basketball, but players are not permitted to bounce or trickle the ball, and every player is allowed to take one and a half steps holding the ball. This means that the ball should be passed between players for it to reach the hoop at the other end of the court.

How to Bet on Netball?

  • Match-winner – Like many other sports, with netball, you can wager on the winner of the match. Depending on the teams that are playing and who is probably to win, the odds can differ from good to worthless.
  • Outright winner- In a tournament, like Olympics, you can bet on the outright winner of the whole tournament. This is firmer to guess than the match winner.
  • Match totals- In netball, you can bet on the total number of points scored by both the teams. This is in a similar manner to gambling on over/under goal totals in rugby or football.
  • Handicap betting – In situations where a team is stronger than the other, for instance in tournament qualifying games or in group stages, online gambling sites add handicaps to the weak team.
  • Prop bets- also you can place prop bets on netball. This means betting picks such as the first team to score, the player to score the most points, the first player to score, the number of fouls, and also the player to commit the most fouls. These are valuable as in-play wagers, and turn to have great odds.

Netball Betting Tips and Tricks

For most people, betting on netball might be a new thing, while also a lot for a lot of people might be a usual thing. So, for you to get ahead of the pack, here are two easy tips and tricks for placing your netball stakes.

  1. Know and understand the sport

For new players that want to start betting on netball, it is wise to first get to know and understand the sport than to just go ahead and place your wagers without any insights on netball.

  1. Back champions

Netball is conquered by four republics: New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia, Trinidad, and Tobago. However, these major teams are hardly beaten by the underdogs, so it only makes sense to back the champs. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to combine stakes.

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