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Fantasy Baseball Betting

Fantasy baseball is a game in which bettors manage rosters of the league baseball players. They do that either online or even in a physical location, using the fictional fantasy baseball team names. The participants are competing against each other using players’ real-life statistics to score points. Since the 1980s, fantasy baseball has become a well-known way to interact with the baseball matches that you watch and love. With fantasy baseball leagues having to pop up all over the place, you might be asking yourself what is the point of this game, and also how to join a league to get in on the action.

To play fantasy baseball you must first understand the basics of the game and the whole reason behind having to join a league. Read our guide below for more on the sport.

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The Basics of Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy baseball can be played in different ways, which can control how you score players and also how the winner of the league is chosen. The most common difference of playing fantasy baseball is known as Rotisserie. In this version, every person in the league collects a team of real players; the players are then scored by category. In addition, the person with the highest cumulated point totals at the end of the season is a winner.

The scoring points categories are as follows:

  • Team batting on average (total number of hits divided by the total number of at-bats)
  • Team that earned run average (total number of earned runs multiplied by 9 and divided by total innings)
  • Total home runs
  • The Total runs scored
  • Total saves
  • The Total stolen bases
  • Total strikeouts
  • The Total teams WHIPs (total number of walks that are allowed by pitcher divided by total innings)
  • Total wins

This setting is the most common and known as a “5×5 fantasy baseball league,” it references the five hitting stats and also the five pitching stats used for scoring. Some sporting leagues adopt more or less scoring categories which depend on the complexity of the league.

New twists on the game emerged, including versions such as:

Daily fantasy baseball. You get to select your team from players that play on that certain game day, and you total the points at the end of the day to pick the victor.

  • Head-to-head. You put your whole team against the next person’s team and get to score points for the week. The person who has the most points wins, however, instead of winning in every category — like with the standard, they receive one win for the week.
  • Round-robin. This scenario follows the whole season, scoring wins and losses, and the winner is determined by which team with the best win/loss record for the whole season.
  • Single-elimination. A set number of team’s gamble on a single-elimination tournament to decide the victor.

Why join a fantasy baseball league?

Now that you have a grasp on how the game works, you now can find a fantasy baseball league that follows the rules by whichever you want to play. Most league options are available virtually.