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Halo eSports Betting Guide

halo video gameHalo has always been that game that was always underrated for the longest time. competitive esports scene in the entire industry. However, to date Halo remains the most favorite with its latest entry, Halo 5. With renewed backing of 343 Industries, Microsoft Studios, and Major League Gaming, Halo 5 is set to have the biggest esports revamp in terms of players, format, prize-pools. Check out all the details in our guide.

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Play Halo eSports Online

The novel Halo that was released in 2001 predates most of the world’s popular esports today. However, the series as a whole debatably remains a favorite amongst the hardcore first-person shooter community. Halo is known as a trailblazer in terms of its setting of the format and standards which are expected of modern-day esport competitions. All the credit can be given to Major League Gaming, the world’s well-known professional esports organizations now grown into a global powerhouse.

MLG found its humble beginnings by having to host competitive Halo 2 and 3 tournaments for the talented teams in North America. At the time, prize-pools for winning a video game tournament was fairly uncommon.

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How to Play Halo in The Esports Scene

Halo is a multiplayer first-person shooter online game franchise by Bungie for the Xbox platform of home consoles. As the lead high-class franchise for Xbox, it became its top series, all thanks to the widespread popularity it has around the globe for its modest multiplayer game modes through Local Area Network (LAN).

The modern entries of Halo took full advantage of better online availability to run professionally organized gaming tournaments worldwide. Gameplay for the latest Halo 5 is split into numerous multiplayer modes. In a standard modest match, two teams of four bettors battle across a variety of different maps to complete game aims and score most points.

Players are in control and they can view the action from the eyes of their character. A Spartan soldier with enhanced abilities helps differentiate the game from other first-person shooters with its faster-paced gameplay. The in-game camera also adjusts to a third-person view for positive offensive actions like using your booster for a ground pound or even the Spartan Charge, that can be used to level the gaming field of a given match.

Halo 5 Esports Multiplayer Game Types

  • Breakout: 4 against 4 round-based matches, first to victor five rounds, single-elimination each round.
  • Assault: 4 against 4 objective-based matches, here you will have to deliver a bomb to the enemy team’s base much successfully.
  • Capture the Flag: 4 against 4 objective-based games to successfully capture the enemy team’s flag and to protect your own.
  • Strongholds: 4 as opposed to 4 objective-based matches where you will have to capture marked territories on the map for more points.
  • Team Slayer: 4 against 4 traditional team deathmatch. This is where your team needs to get the highest number of kills on every match.

Halo World Championship

Halo World Championship (HWC) is the world’s biggest and professionally organized esports tournaments. It is sponsored and supported by Halo’s creator and publisher, Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries. The Electronic Gaming League and the Major League Gaming are the main organizers of the HWC event.