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DAS debut has left Mercedes’ F1 competitors “wide-eyed”

Mercedes flashed conspiracy through the enclosure when footage of Lewis Hamilton adjusting his toe angle of his front wheels by drawing his steering wheel towards himself in the arena emerged. While the system has been believed to be safe and legal by the FIA under technical regulations, it might be dared under the parc ferme rules which restrict car changes after the beginning of qualifying. Alan Permane, Renault’s sporting director said although there was a “question mark” over DAS which is under the parc ferme rubrics, he was very impressed by the invention of the system.

DAS debut has left Mercedes' F1

I think we were a bit wide-eyed [about] what’s it doing, how’s it doing it,” Permane said.

“Like other people, I think we did a bit of the video analysis. We also don’t know what it’s doing, I guess.

“James and his men have done something crafty and certainly they think there is sufficient lap time in it.

Mercedes have found something they think will be a benefit, and I think it is one of the wonderful things about Formula 1.”

Andreas Seidl, McLaren’s team principal was also praising Mercedes’ overview of their new concept. Noting how it captured the attention of the whole F1 corral.

Hats off to Mercedes and it’s kind of innovation, which is very great to see in Formula 1,” Seidl said.

Mattia Binotto, Ferrari F1 chief, also acknowledged the invention of the DAS system, however, he said he did not think it will be decisive in the championship fight against Mercedes this year.

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